Quick weekend update

I did most of the Friday list, except I never really got to the yard work, unfortunately. Yes, I took some photos of things, but I am too lazy tonight to get them off the camera and post them. They aren’t going anywhere, so you will see them eventually.

However, the craft room got lots of attention this weekend – loads of trash carted out, and lots of flat surfaces cleaned – but not all.

Crimson Crow, dear friend that she is, gave up a whole Saturday to keep me on track and focussed. I went through deep piles of papers and STUFF that was on the counter and the tables. We did not get into cabinets and drawers, but we made really good progress on the clutter that piles up on things. To the point that we were able to fold and put away two 6 foot tables.

Here’s what I learned:

I have to deal with paper when it comes in. If I leave it on the kitchen table for “later” A will eventually get fed up and put it on the counter in the craft room, where I will be able to ignore it for a long time. Eventually, the room will be so full I will only have a small area to work in. I say this because I just spent the day sorting through papers that have been up there for nearly 5 years. Yikes. I knew I hated filing, but I didn’t realize how much.

I also have too many magazines. I have some ideas on how to deal with that, but Crimson Crow says I need to cancel some subscriptions. Not sure I agree with her yet, but I know she is usually right…

I did start to go through some fabric bins, and as a result, I have a large pile for GoodWill, and I do believe I have some give away here. When I get everything sorted and laundered, I’ll get some photos of it and see who wants it!

We did not touch yarn or paper, and the room is far from clean, but I feel like we made super progress. In a few weeks when I have a free weekend, I will go send more time up there, as there are still two lengths of counter and a desk that have a little clutter – not like what we got through this weekend, but not ship-shape, either.

Did a little knitting, a little crocheting this weekend, not much, but I did keep up with the Socks with Sarah commitment – a row or two only, but still worked on socks! And did a few more sock scrap squares.

One thing I did do, and which I will share photos of when I stop being so lazy, is a beaded light project.

I bought a string of lights (ten lights) that had wire cages wrapped with clear beads on each light. I intended to make a hanging light by wrapping these lights around a wire ring, and also adding colored beads to the cages. Well, that project has had all its parts ready for a few months, and been sitting on a counter in the craft room. Today I decided to just do it already!

I did not like how it came out wrapped on the wire ring, so I gave up on that idea after fussing with the wires and lights and rings. But I still wanted the colored beads on the cages. I started to take the clear beads off, but then got a simpler idea – I just cut lengths of beading wire long enough to follow the existing wrap, strung my beads on it, then wrapped it along side the clear beads. Helped with spacing, and added shimmer. I really like how they came out in the end! Now, I have to figure out if they are for the porch after all or for the living room… but I will hang them up this week, because they are just too pretty to store away. 🙂

Bet you are dying to see my camera now – not just socks today!

PS I also made a present and a card for my graduating niece, I’ll take photos of those before wrapping, but can’t show you until she gets them.

PPS A’s sisters came over Saturday and brought with them many cakes and cupcakes in various sizes made from my favorite recipe – Mom’s mocha cake and frosting. Yum. I love when a birthday lasts for a week!

That really is all – off to bed so I can start the new week refreshed and rested.

14 thoughts on “Quick weekend update”

    1. Yeah! It was a definite start, and there is more to go, but I feel like real progress was made. If I get brave, I will eventually post photos.

    1. oho, yes, it looks crafted in! My friend wanted to know if we had a broom upstairs once we got the tables folded up – because there are ahem a few bits of paper on the floor. and maybe a bead.

  1. I am exactly like you with the paper and the magazines. What I can’t figure out is in a digital age how can I amass such an amount of paper? Eager to see the pics of the lights and beads. I’ve been looking for something like that for the kitchen.

    1. I know! And I hate digital versions of magazines. First off, I don’t have a tablet. Second, I like to fold pages, flip back and forth, compare articles, etc. It all feels cumbersome electronically. I am afraid I am an old fogey. But I have to do something.

      I’ll try to post light photos in the next few days….

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