Just did a scary thing

I just hit send on a job application.

I haven’t applied for a job in almost 18 years.

What if I don’t get aninterview?

What if I bomb it?

What if they don’t want to hire me?

What if they do?






20 thoughts on “Just did a scary thing”

  1. We have never met but I know you did GREAT! Sending a job application (especially after such a long time!) implies that you’ve thought a lot about yourself, your life, where you are and where you’d like to be. And that is always a good thing. If ever it does not work out it may not have been the right job anyway and you just start over. You did it once and you can do it again 🙂 Kudos to you!

    1. thanks for the encouragement! Up until a couple of years ago, I was very happy where I am, but lately I have grown more and more restive. When this came open, even though it is a definite stretch, I just had to try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

      1. Either way – the job application process has become, in the age of unemployment, a metaphor for the Spanish Inquisition – but hey, not to be a downer! Have fun and best wishes!
        And if they don’t hire you, they’re idiots – – – LOL

  2. You were thinking I’d like to be doing something different than I’m doing now. You’re searching for a better fit. This may be the one and it may not. The right one will come along.

  3. Oh good luck. I have to do that within 9 months as my boss is retiring and I’ve been here 14 years. It will be fine. And if you get an interview and don’t get the job you can consider it practice for the next one.

    1. In my head I know that.. in my stomach, it is a different story. 🙂

      Kind of scary to be looking out at 9 months to no job – but I am sure you will find a great one to replace it with. I hope it involves some train travel so you can work on your knitting and crocheting!

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