Friday list and Saturday plans

Wait? What, it’s Friday? You mean today? Right now?

What am I going to be doing today?

Well, we can start with a trip to the vet in an hour, with three cats.

Yes. All 3. At once. In crates. In the car. What was I thinking whan I made THIS plan?

After that, it will likely be cleaning up my cat scratches and trying to make peace with the three of them.

Then, as it is raining, probably I will go work in the craft room. Crimson Crow is coming over next week to help me “clean sweep” it and organize it and reduce stashes. I am not sure what will have to go, but it might involve some tough love. It would be nice if we could actually walk into the room, or there was one flat, cleaned off surface on which to work.

Laundry, of course, and the PO. A went to the grocery store last night, so that is not critical.

I also want to do some yarn dying – I did a small tester on Monday while I was home sick, I like how it came out, so I will do the rest of that yarn the same way – it can be simmering in the crock pot while I do other things, right? I used black cherry Kool-Aid and a tiny dab of blue food coloring and got a really pretty burgundy color. The yarn is a fine alpaca that I inherited from Cousin Nancy, in a light creamy/slightly beige colorway. I cake dyed the sample, but might do this one a bit differently. We will see. The good thing is that if I don’t like how the shadings come out on the first try, I can always wind it up and dye the whole thing the dark color.

If it stops raining, I will go out and do some digging on the pool area, I need to work on that every day. Even if it is just a shovel full.

That’s it. Not too exhausting this week! I need time to knit, of course. šŸ™‚

Tomorrow is exciting! We are headed south and west, to the land of conspicuous consumption (Freeport) where A will drop me at the yarn/bead/fabric store I spotted there a few weeks ago. She will continue on to South Portland to her version of a yarn store – Rockler – for wood crafting supplies, and router bits and the like. That will give me at least two hours in the store. Mmmmm. A review will surely follow in the next few days. Then, she will pick me up, and we will explore the shops of Freeport. I don’t really want to go to LL Bean – not because I don’t love it, but because it is so HUGE that if I go there, it takes up all my energy and I don’t feel like shopping any more, and so I have NEVER GO IN ANY OTHER STORES IN FREEPORT. This trip, I mean to see what else is in town. This COULD get expensive, I suppose. Unless everything is for skinny young fashionistas who only wear black and beige. Then I will rush to LL Bean and look at tents and jeans and Adirondack chairs.

Sister-in-law L will be with us, she is searching for that perfect “mother of two grooms at a picnic wedding” outfit to wear to the big shindig in July. I am not sure if she will haunt Freeport while I yarn shop, or visit with her sister on the trip to South Portland. But I hope we find her something in that right blend of “casual day but an important event” I think she is still in a happy state of shock that both boys got married in such a short time frame.

Well, time to go cram cats into crates… wish me luck!


13 thoughts on “Friday list and Saturday plans”

  1. Love the shopping trip! Yes, good luck with the cats. It’s hard enough to get one crated and to the vet never mind all three. They will harbor a resentment, you know. Perhaps a special food treat will help reduce the resentment.

    1. lol – it turned out crating them wasn’t too bad. I did tigger first as she hates it the most. The other two are more laid back about it, as we have intentionally crated them and taken them for rides since we got them. For just this reason. Food treats – can’t do too much of that, found out today that Zumba’s food allergies probably include chicken, and just did some research – it is in pretty much all cat food, so we will be changing food yet again. They are all steering clear of me right now, but in a few days they will forget, right?

      1. My cat could nurse a grudge for days. He was a total alpha personality. So forcing him to do anything he didn’t want to do meant I would pay for it for days.

        1. I am lucky not to have had cats like that. they will be skittish if I pick them up, or if I walk near the crate. But they won’t be mad at me.

  2. I have to resort to the oven gove technique to get Little L cat any where near her cat box then blow me down at the vets she walks in it as calmly as you like!!!!! I hope you enjoy your trip, I’m off to “The Workplace” as it’s the beginning of my rota on duty, hope it’s blue sky’s all the way for you šŸ™‚

    1. thanks – it went pretty well. Never thought of an oven glove! If I can capture Tig’s back feet, I can usually lower her into the crate easily. But if she catches on why I am holding her so funny, there is no hope that day.

  3. Wow. I didn’t know cats could harbor festering grudges. Long sleeves and gardening gloves?
    A yarn trip sounds wonderful. I don’t shop at LL Bean but I do like to poke around and maw everything just to see what’s out there. I was groomed at a very young age. Yarn dyeing sounds fun. I hope to try it via Koolaid this summer with my little one.

    1. Cats are just mindful creatures. If you do somehting they don’t like, they want to avoid it happening again. So if I put them in a crate, then I might do that again, right? they should stay away from me when I have my shoes on, or car keys, or whatever thing they noticed.

      Shopping was fun and productive. And the yarn dying worked well – I posted about it earlier today, check it out! I like it because it is fun, and relatively non toxic (I mean, Kool Aid is edible, if not great for you) but because of the heat issue, it does take time, so have something to entertain your little one while the dye sets!

    1. the yarn store IS great. It is worth paying a babysitter to get time alone to check out stores like this one. But all I had to do was say “no, I don’t mind if you drop me off, drive 45 minutes to a store you like, and then come back and get me.” šŸ™‚

  4. I’ve never been to the LLBean store and would like to have the experience, just once! Mostly I hate shopping but I’m sure I could find things to buy at a yarn shop! (I am specifically not mentioning the V-E-T because if my cats catch me even thinking that word, they will go into hiding).

    1. lol – if you ever are in Maine, it is defnitely worth doing, to go to the big LL Bean store. And the yarn store is a very short walk down the road – well short if you stay on the sidewalk and don’t get sucked into the shops along the way. šŸ™‚

      we won’t talk about the v word anymore for a year, I hope!

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