Monday Morning rambling

The scratchy throat became a cold… chest cold, not too much of a head cold, which I guess is good as I can breathe. Never the less, I stayed home today, so that I can recover and not share it with all my coworkers.

Laid low all weekend, and so not much yard work got done, although plenty of knitting and crocheting happened – as well as a plant hanger for the porch.

That was fun, as I haven’t made one in years. No fancy knots, just twine and slip knots, with some really cheap bright beads at the bottom. I’ll make a couple more for out there – hanging the plants is the only way I can think of to have them out there and not have the cats destroy them. A will hate it, for some reason, she doesn’t like plants… something about a mess.

The pool, however, is weeks away if I don’t figure out a way to get moving on it. I marked out the new circle, it is a lot bigger than the old one. Why I thought going from 14 feet to 20 feet would not be bad is beyond me.

The chipmunks are back and getting fat… I tried a tin pan baffle, it worked on the critters, but scared the birds. So I filled it with food and set it on the ground. I hope to keep them happy low down and out of the bird feeder while I work on the problem. I wonder how many I have? I am thinking of relocating them using my hav-a-hart trap… but I know it might be a hopeless case. I remember doing that with red squirrels when I lived in Cherryfield. I must have relocated a dozen… or one, 12 times. But I can’t let Tigger out again unless I want her to be an outdoor cat, which I don’t. She was wound up all day after that, and I don’t want her to go mad living with us. So do I just give up and let the birds fend for themselves against the chipmunks? the birds are so much prettier, and they sing so sweetly… but the chippies are cute, too.

I was excited to read on my blog roll this morning that I won a skein of yarn in the Socks With Sarah May Challenge contest. I can’t wait to see it, it is a pretty, bright skein, and you know I need more sock yarn!

So, continuing to lay low, I just have one thing on my list today – craft room visit to make a birthday card for one of my beautiful nieces, also my god-daughter. Her birthday is today, and she is getting to be some wicked old! If I haven’t lost track, she is 24 today. but maybe she is 25? I had better go check the book, or not reference age on the card. Don’t want her finding out just how forgetful I am. While I am up there, I might spend a few minutes doing as Crimson Crow requests – sorting the stuff into “like” piles, ahead of our scheduled Clean Sweep day on the 14th. Sadly, there isn’t much room for piles – because there are piles everywhere!

Then, after a nap, I think I will water the flowers on the deck. That should about do it for today.

(PS – I have noticed, on reading through a million and three blog posts this morning, that many of the bloggers I follow have had nasty colds lately. Could it be a computer virus? πŸ™‚ )


10 thoughts on “Monday Morning rambling”

  1. LOL Computer Virus. Seriously rest, drink fluids and look at Duncraft and Audubon they have thing the won’t scare the birds but keep the chipmunks at bay. Chipmunks and squirrels will also eat corn off the cob. Keeps them busy and full. Feel better.

    1. I will check it out. Meanwhile, the chippies are teasing the cats like mad – going under the screened porch on one side, running out the other – apparently we built it on their path from feeder to nest. the cats are getting worn out racing back and forth across the porch.

  2. Sorry you were sick. Let go of the obligations and rest so you can knit again. I like how you’re dealing with those greedy chipmunks. They remind me of Chip and Dale.

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