Saturday afternoon

I’ve been just puttering away at things – and at this rate, the pool won’t be ready until August!

I found I really do have to move at least one rock pile. I have moved a few barrows full already. Several more to go, and that is just so I can dig up more. This is what I get for being lazy when I prepped the ground for the smaller pool – I just piled the rocks out of the way, with no thought to maybe using the space for anything later. Sigh….

However – I have gotten a few other things done over the last few days –

Planted the lilac that I ordered to go outside the screened porch… but it’s not planted outside the screened porch, because they aren’t done with the siding yet. I planted it around back near our bedroom deck, so we will still be able to smell it. I guess I’ll order another one for that space next year.

I also potted the mountain laurel that WILL go outside that porch, because it needs shade. It is smaller than the lilac, so could go in a pot for a few weeks… I hope…

Did a bunch of errands yesterday, and took a spill in the driveway – nothing really damaged but my pride, but a few muscles are sore today. It gave me a good reason to lie on the couch and nap and knit, though. πŸ™‚ Here are some of the things I have been working on lately – finished a pair of rainbow-colored socks, and started a pretty blue/purple pair. Finished another pair of earrings, and started another ribband. This one in pale gold beads with creamy white silk – it looks very sunny. πŸ™‚
sws #11 finished

sws #12 yarn

echo 3

gold ribband

We also have stowed a ton of pellets for next winter, and have another ton out in the dooryard. We load half a ton a day, so it isn’t a huge deal. Then we need two more tons before the end of the summer. Glad we have a big, dry cellar fr storing them all!

Had breakfast this morning in Bangor with two of A’s sisters, and will have it tomorrow with mom and B – I love going out for breakfast, and since we have 4 days off, we are both willing to get up and get going to see family – and we will sleep as late as Tigger will let us on Monday. πŸ™‚

Got the groceries while we were in Bangor – love going to the big supermarket! And I reserved a big Toyota Highlander for my trip to CT next month to niece C’s graduation – Mom and I are going down, and we will head to IKEA before we come home – hoping to get our dining room chairs, and they should fit into the big car.

Still have flowers to get into the planters, and laundry, and someone should clean this house… and of course, the pool set up…. Maybe I should take next week off from work? lol

Now, back to knitting….


7 thoughts on “Saturday afternoon”

    1. it is really nice to do, because it is (relatively) inexpensive, you can get things you probably wouldn’t make for yourself, and you still have your whole day ahead of you. It is a bit decadent, but not overwhelming.

  1. The socks and the earrings look great. The ribband looks very pretty too. Sorry to hear of your spill. Be careful with yourself. Hope you are feeling better. Hope Tigger allows you both to sleep in.

    1. thanks very much! Tigger let us sleep until 6 today – actually, I slept later than that, A got up with her, I never heard her. Tomorrow I will try to do the same for her. But I sleep heavier than she does, so I might not hear the little pathetic “where is everybody” cries before she does.

      I am over the spill – just have the scrapes on my knees to show for it. It was a stupid fall – hands too full, stepped on a rock and lost my balance. Not a speck of ice in sight!

    1. thanks! I love blues as well. These socks are coming out really well, and fast! I finished the first one this morning. I’ll photo next time I have good light – hopefully that will be sooner rather than later.

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