Red with a side of amethyst?

sws #10 started pattern

red ribband complete

amethyst and tan rippled

It was on the Friday list to take these photographs, so of course, I got up early to do it. šŸ™‚

Red sock update and red ribband finished photo. Amethyst Rippled almost finished photo – yes, I know I haven’t sewn the clasp on yet and gotten rid of the ends, but I will.
Updated on Ravelry as well, aren’t you proud of me?

The tan and amethyst Rippled was very hard to get a good shot. Tried it inside, outside, flash and no flash. The colors are pretty good here, but the beads aren’t sparkly as they are in life. Oh well, trust me, it is gorgeous.


8 thoughts on “Red with a side of amethyst?”

    1. thanks – it really is lots of fun. I started with a book, Knit One Bead, too and then discovered Laura Nelkin’s designs. Now I can’t seem to stop. šŸ˜‰ Actually, I am making a bunch for a craft sale this coming fall. If I can part with them.

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