Just spent some time updating Ravelry photos

Which made me realize all the things I have been knitting but perhaps not sharing. Lots of socks!

Here are Socks with Sarah pairs number 6, 7, and 8 complete, and 9 half complete. Now that I have memorized this pattern and can do it almost without looking, Sarah has challenged us to try something new, and maybe win a fabulous prize! So pair number ten will be knit two at a time. And maybe I will change up the leg pattern as well…. but I am not giving up my toe up work, I love it so much, and the heels fit so much better than traditionally worked heels.

Last photo is not of a sock! Zumba had to help me photograph my latest Laura Nelkin knit necklace project – ribband in red and orange. I think Zumba really just likes my pretty new Charleston tray, don’t you? She wouldn’t care about yarn and beads. 🙂

Wait a minute, what did you say?

You didn’t see anything on my Friday list about updating Ravelry or posting here about socks?

I think that part was in invisible ink. Off to the hardware store now… really I am.

sws #6b

sws #7 complete

sws#8 on feet

sws #9

crafty cat 2


10 thoughts on “Just spent some time updating Ravelry photos”

    1. thanks! They are warm and comfortable, I will be quite stylish next winter. 🙂

      Yes, Allie adn Zumba both love crafting, which can really slow down production, as you know!

    1. they do – I have bi gfet, so I adjusted the pattern a bit to cast on more stitches than required. It helps the toe box get wide fast. 🙂

    1. Thanks! Next winter I will have more than just boring black and blue wool socks to wear, that is for sure! I cleaned out my sock shelf, and was amazed at how many I could discard now that I have this supply of handknit ones. My goal for this sock KAL is to wind up with 99% handmade sock to wear in the winter. At this rate, I think I can do it. 🙂

    1. These are all toe up. I find them easier to do, in general, and with no grafting at the toes, they feel more secure. Also, you can try them on as you go, which I did a lot at first, but now have the pattern memorized, so no need to do that.

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