Another rainy day list

Things are getting back to normal a bit around here. The house, which was spotless a week ago is less so. The ice is gone from around the house. Lupines are starting to grow, as are a few bulbs and day lilies. No one is thinking of blooming yet, but at least they are green! And that which is falling from the sky is clear, not white. Ahhhh….

So today is a chore-filled day, with glimmers of creative fun.

– Clean the pellet stove (it is still running almost constantly, but it is keeping the house warm without help from the radiant heat, so that is another sign that spring is really here at last)
– Laundry
– Dump ( I told A I would do this chore so she doesn’t have to think about it tomorrow. What was I thinking????)
– Hardware store – time to get compost, fertilizer, potting soil, garden soil and mulch in hand. Also, I won’t be surprised if I come home with some pansies. And a cute pot or two…
– Make the grocery list
– renew vehicle registrations
– Begin the spring yard work (this might rollover to Saturday, I have to admit.) Time to take the winter straw off the strawberries, and plant the peas.
– Order cushion for porch swing. That’s the one I will be making from old pallets, but I don’t know how big to make it until I choose the cushion…
– sort out Charleston photos for last blog post about the vacation.
– look up address of yarn store in Bangor I recently learned about.
– when A gets home from work, head to Bangor so she can visit the office, and so I can can do a little craft scouting and shopping.
– of course, in all that is some sock knitting and ribband knitting and who knows what all else.

Oh, and try to remember to be here when the siding guy comes to look at the porch…

Hmmm, I had better get moving.


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