Beads on Cannon

This is an unsolicited review of a shop I found while visiting Charleston, SC.

While I was seriously disappointed to find NOT ONE yarn store in Charleston proper, in my search for one, I came across a store called “Beads on Cannon“.

It is a bit north of the historic district, but it is right on the free bus route. The day we went out to Middleton Place, I had A drop me off there on the way back into town. It was very easy to find as we came into town from the plantation.

On the outside, the shop is very unobtrusive, located in a Charleston Single style house in a not as well maintained neighborhood as we were used to seeing in Charleston. In fact, A refused to leave until I went in and confirmed it really was the shop and I felt OK. I later found out that she circled the area looking for a parking space to wait for me, instead of going back to the hotel to relax as we had originally planned. However, she could not find one, and I was FINE. (So note, parking can be an issue here, apparently.)

Once I walked in the door and was greeted by the proprietress (I think her name is Lisa) I knew I was in bead heaven.

All the ads I saw said the selection was huge, the store is BIG. Well, the store isn’t big, but the selection is HUGE! I don’t know how she fit all those beads in, and people, too! There are two rooms, one up, one down. Down is mostly glass beads, up is precious gemstones, findings, etc. I wandered about with my basket for at least an hour before I made my selections.

It was almost overwhelming! I didn’t have a particular project in mind, which made it harder to shop, really, but I found a beautiful silver sea star pendant, and then got some beads that might go with it for a necklace. I also picked up some cut glass beads for knitting, and some garnets I just couldn’t resist. Not sure what they will be. Some pearls I got in the hopes that I can figure a way to knit with them. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Beads on Cannon

My choices in no way reflect the true scope of the beads she has. I have never seen such an array of good quality beads in one place. Big boxes have more selection (maybe) but her quality is much better than you will find at them.

While I was there other shoppers came in and got great assistance as they looked for particular things. One woman was designing a necklace, and the creative process was fun to watch.

They do offer classes, and will even make the things you design if you want them to. It was pretty amazing to see all that they had in the place and all that they would do to help a person. If I ever am in Charleston again, I will go better prepared with a bead list!

In fact, next time I have a bead list, I think I will call them and see if they ship…


4 thoughts on “Beads on Cannon”

  1. This is exactly the sort of store we should all be supporting–woman entrepreneur, great customer service, high-quality items. For that, I don’t mind spending more!

  2. Count me in the support group. The beads looked interesting and I have such a weakness for beaded jazz age sweaters like those found in the 1920s. Oh my, what about Yarn Rascal? He hasn’t been exposed to beads, thin crochet needles and the such. Maybe when he’s older. Today he’s just be a true little rascal.

    1. I also love beaded sweaters adn things – used to have a lovely black beaded dress. But I don’t have much call for things like that in my life anymore, so I have been sticking to jewelry. Still, a lovely, slightly beaded cardigan could be worn to work, right? 🙂

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