9 days, 46 states, and Bahamas

A got me this game board for our license plate game, and this road trip was our first time using it. It worked pretty well! If you see the plate, so did we.

Day one was Maine to northern Massachusetts. Not too bad for only a couple of hours, off-season!

license plate day one

Day two took us down to Roanoke, VA. Long day, and lots more states!

license plate day two

On our arrival in Charleston (I forgot to take a photo) we still needed about 8 states.

And when we left Charleston, it looked like this:
license plate day nine

Amazingly, when we arrived home, it looked exactly the same. I guess folks in the Dakotas, Nevada and Wyoming just aren’t traveling east this early. They might be smart…

Meanwhile we did see a Bahamian plate in Charleston. Nothing on the map for that one, though.


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