Friday list

Some of you think that my lists are exhausting, or that I am superwoman or something. They might be; I am not. But most Fridays I am motivated to get things done while I am home alone so that the weekend is more free. This should come as warning to you about what you are about to read. I bet before you get to the end, you will know what the last item is… 🙂

-Strip and remake bed
-Clean our bedroom and bathroom
-Fresh towels out
-Make A’s birthday card, wrap present
-Get haircut
-Bookstore for book club book (no more procrastinating!)
-Porch cushions up from basement
-Clean off coffee table
-Bring up a couple of bags of pellets from basement
-Clean out car
-Load car
-Knit while I wait for A to get home from work
-Welcome sister-in-law L a/k/a house/cat sitter

After a week of general stress and overload at work trying to cram everything in and wrap up taxes, it will feel darned good to go on vacation. This is the first time in many, many years we have gone away for more than a weekend.





(And yes, I have a pair of socks on the needles and three skeins of sock yarn with me. We will have a total of 40 hours in the car over the next 8 days, I may need to buy some special travel yarn along the way, right? 🙂 )

Check out my Ravelry page for info on most recent socks. I’ll post photos eventually, but it might not be until I return.


8 thoughts on “Friday list”

    1. Good! We won’t even get there until Sunday, so it can rain it’s little heart out Saturday. And even if it rains while we are there – you don’t have to shovel and scrape rain! I am just looking forward to the break, being somewhere new and different and relaxing.

        1. We are having fun, but sad to say, there are no yarn stores! There is a bead store we will check out on Thursday, though.
          Apparently all good fabric and yarn stores have moved to Summerville or someplace like that.

  1. Enjoy your vacation! You’ll have to see what the yarn stores are like. Socks are so wonderful, they travel so nicely.

    1. I got a lot done on the almost black socks, but still have not finished them.

      there are NO yarn stores here! I searched everywhere, finally asked a the visitor center, found a knitter there to help me. the closest ones are about 30 minutes away. Her coworker said “we have Hobby Lobby and Michael’s, they have yarn, don’t they. She quickly set him right about what I was really looking for.

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