AT LAST! Friday taxes are done!

While I still have Monday taxes, last week was the last Friday of tax season. Yippee!

So what to do?

Well, first off, a bit of work with a coworker who has a report due Tuesday.

Then, let the curtain installers in – we got a fancy shade for the guest bathroom, now that the screened porch sits right near the window. I didn’t want to have the shade drawn all the time, so we got one that you can open from the top and bottom. Luxury. They come to install it Friday morning.

Following that, in no particular order –

-Easter cards (if any are to happen, they need to happen before Sunday… so they might not)
-begin packing for our big vacation!!! (That mostly means choosing which sock yarn to bring in the car and which to bring in the trunk in the suitcase. )
-clean the guest room and make up the bed for my niece B who comes to visit Saturday night. πŸ™‚
-If the weather is good for photos, I want to take some well-lit shots of all the knitted jewelry I have been working on, so you can see it in its beaded splendor. If the weather isn’t good, then I should really sew the clasps on, and do some blocking. Oh, I hope it is a sunny day.

I will probably add a few more things as the day goes on, and I will be sure to post at the end of the weekend to let you know how I did with this list!

PS My fabulous UCONN basketball teams won both tournaments, and so I won another $50 for the yarn stash from my dear sweet wife. I feel some nice southern yarn shopping is in my future.


8 thoughts on “AT LAST! Friday taxes are done!”

  1. Just wondering… have a time portal where you live ? ….I have 3 or 4 things on my to do list so far I’ve achieved only 2 and now I’m in dire need of a cup of tea

    1. haha! I wish I did! No, I just putter along, and sometimes I finish the whole list and other times I don’t. So far I have cleaned the guest room and the guest bathroom, and now am relaxing with a cup of coffee and a bit of blogging and knitting. Next up is attack the laundry. the curtain installers hsould be here any time, after they finish, I will head to town fro errands. It helps, I must say, if the cat gets you up at 4 am. πŸ™‚

      1. Ahh I was very lucky Little L cat & Old Dog had a lie in till 8am by which time you were half way through your morning LOL after my cuppa I’m going back to stuffing a knitted rabbit…. the lifestyle of the crafter ;-D

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