just a little photo of what I won on basketball tourneys… so far!

three socks

three socks with flash

A and I picked our brackets before the tourney started, one for men’s, one for women’s. $25 each. Although the tourneys aren’t quite over, I am so far ahead that she can’t catch me. šŸ™‚ I took my winnings to the yarn store yesterday and got some more sock yarn. Of course!

Colors are hard to capture with and without flash. The red is a bright cheery color, a hint of pink to it. The blues are pretty accurate in the flash photo. The rainbow one is nice and bright, but neither photo really captures it.

Now, back to knitting my soft blue tide pool socks, so I can move onto some brights. I am on the second sock, started this morning, so I should get it done this week. Even though I seem to be in a mood for brights right now, I do love my tide pool socks.


2 thoughts on “just a little photo of what I won on basketball tourneys… so far!”

  1. Love the color mix. Will the rainbow yarn also be socks? Right now I’m fretting over the UConn girl’s game hoping they win.

    1. Yes, I think socks fro everything – I signed up for the year long sock KAL, so needed some more yarn, hee hee hee. I am on pair number 6 now. I have yarn for 5-6 more, I think.

      I am counting on those girls to win tonight! I just love watching Mariah Jefferson when she tears around. And Brianna Stewart is just amazing. Should be a good game tonight, and a good few years with them on the court.

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