4 5 11

But who’s counting?

Three years ago, I started this blog with no real idea if there was an audience for it, or what my focus would be. But I knew I wanted to reach out to a larger world than my geographically reachable one. And so here I am, with almost 200 followers, me following almost that many blogs, and learning so much that is inspirational in crafting, and life, and feeling like I am making real (not virtual) friends.

Thank you all so much! I am having fun, and hope you are, too!


8 thoughts on “4 5 11”

  1. Congratulations on your blog’s anniversary!! It’s a great blog, keep writing. It’s good to hear from you and know you’re all doing fine. Find a handful of confetti and toss it in the air and yell Happy Blog iversary. Then quickly clean it all up before the cats eat it.

  2. Congratulations! I am proud to count myself among your admirers and followers! Always look forward to reading your posts. Keep it up.

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