You know I don’t usually re-blog. But this had me cracking up. You could substitute knit for crochet, Or sew, and cuts of fabric for skeins of yarn. It would be true. And let’s not get started with paper crafting and cardstock. lol

UK Crochet Patterns

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Sunday evening

We had a really nice weekend, but it started off kinda strange.

Saturday, we planned to meet A’s sisters and brother in-law for breakfast. Pulled in – the place is closed for renovations. So we tried another place, which had no tables for 5. That’s how tiny it was, but we split our party up and had some good food.

Then, we went to the Bangor Shade shop – we need a new shade for the bathroom window, since it overlooks the screened porch. The Bangor Shade shop has no weekend hours.

Next stop, ticket office for the new Cross insurance center to see about tickets to Cirque do Soleil. Closed. No hours posted.

I was getting nervous that the bead store was closed.:-0

But thankfully, our luck changed – it was open, and had everything I needed to make a pile of Laura Nelkins’ Rippled necklace. I also planned out some coordinating earrings, and did sign up for the two up coming beading classes – basic stringing and earrings. Not exciting, but it will get me going.

Then off to the mall to order some new glasses for A, a quick trip to Home Depot, where I found poly resin for my sea glass tray – much cheaper than at craft stores!

Next stop Olive Garden. By now, it was 2:30. Should be able to get a table pretty easily, right? Nope – swim meets and a basketball tournament – 45 minute wait for lunch. We had about enough of Bangor at that point, so headed over the river to Brewer where there was absolutely no wait at Ruby Tuesday, and the grocery store, our next stop, was fairly empty. I guess everyone was over in Bangor.

When we came home, I strung beads on yarn for five necklaces, then started knitting one.

Today was a low-key day. Laundry, the last of the Olympics, and more knitting – finished two necklaces, except sewing on the clasps, and of course, worked on socks. Pair #4 is due to be finished soon, I am around the heel and on the home stretch of the second sock.

Tomorrow, back to the office. Weekends sure are short when work weeks are 50-60 hours long, aren’t they?

But the good news, I spoke to B on the phone today, we have planned a craft day here at the end of the month – that means for me, March is going to be a crafty month!

And the latest big snow monster storm is going out to sea (read Great Britain, sorry, folks, winter isn’t over yet!) south of us, so we might get flurries, but that is it. Gotta love when we miss a storm.