Short little Friday list

Here it is, folks. Yawn.

Hit the road at 6:30 AM for beautiful Stonington, Maine.

Spend the day doing tax returns.

Finish up there around 5.

Get home around 6:30 PM.

Collapse on sofa.

If I haven’t already done it, knit a round on stargazing socks.

I’ll do better in a couple of weeks, I promise.

8 thoughts on “Short little Friday list”

  1. How can such a short list cause such a long day LOL I’ll toast you with a cuppa at 6.30 PM prompt on reaching your goals, my list is so long today I may need gin at the end of it :-0

    1. Funny how that works! At least here in Stonington, I have good wifi, and clients who are on time and prepared, so I get a few minutes respite in between!

      Hope your long day goes well, too. 🙂

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