SO glad to see you!

I set the publish time of this post to 12:57 eastern time. Sure hope WordPress does this for me, it’s important. That is the time that spring arrives, and I want to be among the first to welcome her with open arms.

I know she is nearby right now, because we are having a storm. It’s a deusy. Howling wind. Pouring rain.


Pouring rain?

That is absolutely correct. It started out as snow this morning, but quickly changed to rain, and it has been raining hard for about 6 hours now.

I love it.

Oh, and I finished a sock. I’ll post photos at some point this weekend. Isn’t that exciting? lol. Took a few other important photos this week as well. Time to clean the camera again!

8 thoughts on “SO glad to see you!”

    1. Exactly! Now, if it holds out for the upcoming storms, I will know it is here. Of course, Sunday night it is supposed to be back to zero, but that could change, right?

  1. Snow changing to rain, yes, spring is here. Did I tell you about the year, back in 1965 or 1967 , it was May 5th and we got 5 inches of snow that day in Auburn. I could see something like that in Houlton. Froze my toes because I was running around in sneakers. Spring can be a real joker.

    1. You didn’t. Sigh.

      I remember one year when my mom and sibs were living in western Maine foothills, and I called my sister on her birthday – May 10. She was at cross country ski pracitce, because it had snowed. That must have been 1978 or 79… so last century, I hope!

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