Reasons to celebrate!

Two days until Spring! I can’t wait. It is hard to believe that although it is 0 here to start the day (but may well climb to 30!) that spring is just a couple of days away.

Also hard to believe that two years ago today, it was 70 degrees.

Average high for this day in this area is 35. So two years ago, we were 35 degrees above average, this year we are 35 degrees below average. You can see how averages don’t really tell the story.

However – the real reasons to celebrate?
-I needed SUNGLASSES driving to work today.
-We have more than TWELVE HOURS of daylight now (12 hours and three minutes, to be exact)!
-Cold nights and warm days mean.. MAPLE SYRUP! I love maple syrup. is there anything better on vanilla ice cream?
-One month from today, we will be heading south. Where, by the way, I expect to see flowers. Green stuff on ground and trees. NO MORE SNOW. I am bringing shorts, sandals, bathing suit and painting my toenails.

So get cracking, Spring, it is your time to shine.

10 thoughts on “Reasons to celebrate!”

    1. Thanks. The thought of going where it is warm gets me out of bed on days like today. I don’t even want to think about what I will be like if we get down there, and it is still really winter… AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH.

      The ice melted some in the sun yesterday. Life is good and getting better.

  1. Oh spring!! How I miss thee.
    We are still waiting for winter to leave down here!! It was 77 on Saturday, 35 today, 69 tomorrow. Weather in the south is on drugs.
    Glad you are so excited!! And yes maple syrup is great 🙂

      1. I will try my best 🙂 I am in NC and the weather here is always screwy. Everyone says “If you don’t like the weather in NC, wait 5 minutes.” We went from a 80 degree day to a foot of snow in a couple days lol.

        1. lol they say that about New England, too. It hasn’t changed much this winter – gray and stormy and cold. I could use a change! We are headed to the SC coast, so I hope it is spring there when we arrive. 🙂

  2. spring is making her presence felt at ours, I don’t know why I’m so excited as it’s been a mild winter… no snow just lots & lots of rain, so the sunshine is most welcome

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