Friday list almost tax free

A rare winter Friday free from work obligations, aaaaaaahhhhhhh.

So, today I am going to wait for the bug man to do his quarterly maintenance.  He is usually nice and early, so I should be through with that soon.


Then it is off to town to pay the property taxes, get the mail, go to the grocery store, you know the drill!

Home again to work on my shopping list for the bead store tomorrow.  It won’t be as long a list as the last trip, just a few to fill in.  Now that I have several necklaces done for the craft show next fall, I want to work on earrings and bracelets and other smaller items. 

Of course, sock knitting is in my day, I am working on those Tosh Sock stargazing socks, and they are so pretty!  Not sure I want to finish them, really.  Even though I will like wearing them, I will miss knitting with that pretty yarn.  🙂

At some point today I have to sweep snow out of the screened porch, and see if I can shovel the bedroom deck.  Not sure I can, it is pretty solid ice.

That’s it – just going to putter my day away.


Yesterday was so “special”.  Boss did NOT call back to cancel, he should have.  Driving was frankly scary, the roads were coated with ice, and the wind was blowing all that granular snow around, making it hard to see. We did close early but really?  Start late and close early – perhaps we should have just been closed?  Not sure how much work got done in those 5 hours.

Enough grumbling.  I got home safely, as did A (she had to work all day) and we have a warm house. We are lucky, just so sick of winter.


Today the sun is shining, sadly without heat, but still, it isn’t gray!

4 thoughts on “Friday list almost tax free”

  1. All things pass. I know how you feel. You’re wintered-out and ice driving never leads to good things. Winter, has to loosen and finally give up her grip whether she wants to or not. I am hopeful that this was the old saying March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.

    1. It has to end, right? While it is bitter cold again today, they promise warmer temps by the end of the week, and the next storm (also Thursday) is forecast to be RAIN! I hope so….

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