“A sloppy mess”

That’s our weatherman’s description of today.

It started as rain yesterday mid-day.

Changed to snow mid-afternoon.

Changed back and forth between snow, sleet, freezing rain all day (and apparently all night).

It’s snowing now and we expect another 1-3 inches today.

It is supposed to go down to zero by tonight, with howling winds.

So what we have is several inches of slush which will freeze solid over the next 24 hours.

A sloppy mess indeed.

The roads are such a mess of frost heaves that they can’t be adequately plowed. Driving home last night was a nightmare, it took me over an hour to go the 18 miles in slush that grabbed at the car and tried to throw it in the ditches.

So. Needless to say, I cancelled tax appointments for today. My wonderful volunteers offered to come a few extra days so we could fit all these people in, because our schedule is full right up to 4/15. It took me hours to reach everyone yesterday to reschedule, but no one complained. 🙂

My boss called this morning to delay opening until 9 o’clock. I can only hope he calls back to close the office. But if not, I will bundle up and trek out there again.

It’s only for one more week, right? then we get spring? It says so on my calendar.

3 thoughts on ““A sloppy mess””

  1. Stay safe. Everyone can file for an extension if need be. We were lucky down here, we missed all but some light rain. Howling winds and cold came next but no snow or ice. Our roads are bad too, frost heaves, and just generally torn up and gouged out by the weather. Lots of natural gas line leaks because of the weather. The latest blew up buildings in NYC. That’s why I am not a proponent of natural gas.

    1. Glad it was all rain for you – help clean up some of that residual stuff.

      You are right about the gas – we use propane, but it is in a tank, not piped in with an endless supply. It also has odor added, so we can smell it.

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