Friday list

Short list again this week – but I think you should see my Saturday list!

Friday is tax day in SW Harbor, so I will meet my tax buddy at the LL Bean parking lot in Ellsworth at 8, and we will drive down to the Island, do taxes all day, and he will drop me back there around 5. I might get Finelli’s pizza on my way home (yum!), then I will crash on the couch with my knitting.

But Saturday?

Saturday, we are having breakfast in a new little place A found in Brewer. Then we will head off to Bangor to the bead store, where I will get some more supplies for knitted necklaces, and sign up for TWO classes – only $120 each, plus supplies. They will be on 2 Saturdays in March. I am excited as I have wanted to take classes there for a while, but it never worked that I found out about them in time.

Ahh, good food and crafting. And then, of course, all the chores I won’t be doing on Friday – groceries, laundry, PO. 🙂 Life is good.

And Sunday, perhaps I will get up to start cleaning the craft room a bit more. Tiny steps.


10 thoughts on “Friday list”

    1. yeah, no storm! It is going out to sea south of us. We might get some flurries. Of course, it also might head a teeny bit north then we will get a few inches. We ARE getting subzero temps all week, though, if that makes you feel better. 🙂

    1. I signed up for a basic stringing class and an earring class. And of course, bought $75 worth of beads for the knitted necklaces I am making. I don’t think I need another hobby, but I can’t resist.

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