day 4 on the couch

and I think it will be the last. Not only because I am feeling a bit better, but because I am getting a case of cabin fever.

I have watched about thirty hours of Olympics and knit hundreds of yards…. and slept many hours. This bug is a tough one – all weekend, the 4 hour meds lasted about three hours, so I felt a bit better for about 2… then it went down hill until I could take another dose, then wait an hour for it to kick in.

That’s how I can tell I am getting better – the four-hour meds are lasting just about four hours. By tomorrow, I hope I can go longer between doses.

So, I have been taking lessons from Tigger and lounging about in front of the fire and TV. I think A was very patient with me this weekend, but probably she was bored to tears. She went to work early this morning. πŸ™‚

Here’s what I got done with my knitting this weekend – nothing is completely finished, but much progress! Necklaces need clasps sewn on them, then they will be done. I am almost up to the underarm on the vest, and I am on the leg of the second sock. Already thinking about the next pair. πŸ™‚

couch medley

Oh, and guess what? Yep, more snow coming today and tonight. But only 3 inches or so. Just enough to require still more shoveling and plowing. Ugh.

Here’s a cute photo to finish with – Allie Cat loves to chase the computer cursor. She was thrilled to find the computer on the couch this weekend. But where is the cursor?

allie on computer


10 thoughts on “day 4 on the couch”

  1. Watching the Olympics and working on your favorite craft–it’s a little hard to feel sorry for you! But I know it’s not as much fun as it sounds, if you’re under the weather.

  2. Hope you do feel better. Resting and knitting are the best way to handle not feeling well. Love your projects! Try to ignore the weather. This all has to stop at some point. Today we have heavy rain! Feel better. Green tea and chicken broth.

    1. thanks, I have been drinking both those liquids. Rain? really? I guess that is good if your roof isn’t too flat… Good for the garden, anyway, get some melting done now. It does have to end at somepoint, you are right.

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