the view from the couch

After doing taxes yesterday in spite of knowing better, today is a lay-low day.

I got up, moved to the couch, surrounded myself with my three knitting projects, the remote control, a cup of coffee and a glass of juice, a box of kleenex, cuddled under my CAL stripey blanket. Tigger settled by my feet. What more do I need? I should be able to lick this cold in no time.

We have taped all the Olympic coverage, and I think I am up to Thursday with watching. It makes my knees hurt to watch some of these events. But it doesn’t hurt my fingers, so I am making progress on all WIPS. Necklace knitting is done, I just need to sew on the clasp.

First of sock pair # 3 is an Olympic feat – made it up the foot, around the heel and am now on the final downhill stretch! I LOVE the little needle. More of these in a few sizes are in my future. I did struggle with turning the heel, and eventually went back to two longer circulars for that. But for pure round and round knitting, it just flies on that little fellow.

The vest – I am supposed to knit to 11.5 inches before starting armholes, I am around 8 inches right now. Even though it is bulky, it is slow, the rows are long. The Lopi yarn is much more scratchy than anything I have worked on in a long time, but as it will be an outer wear piece, I think that is OK. The periwinkle color is so pretty. ๐Ÿ™‚

We had a very uneventful Valentine’s Day – When I got home (with her favorite pizza picked up in a snow storm, I might add) I lay on the couch, fell asleep and didn’t wake up for three hours. When I did, I fund a cute little basket from A and the cats, with some candy and a little kitten puzzle. And today, everywhere I go, I find little cards she tucked around in my coffee cup, my book, the computer. Who knows how many more there are? Glad I got her some truffles and made a card in addition to the pizza. ๐Ÿ™‚

So while I dozed, knit, and watched Olympics through the biased eyes of NBC, A went and got the car serviced, did the grocery shopping, did some laundry, cleaned the pellet stove, cleaned the snow and ice off the walk and driveway. I was feeling guilty, but she reminded me I did the same when she was sick. Whew!

Naturally, it is snowing again. It was supposed to stop yesterday morning, it never did – it rained for a while, but then snowed all afternoon. A wee bit of sun this morning, then clouds, now another storm. I think we are in the 8-12 inch area, depending, of course, on where it actually tracks and how fast it goes. Looks like the Maritimes will get slammed by this one, though. Again. This storm should last most of tomorrow, and then we are to get some sun on Monday. Snow on Tuesday. I might have to start wintering below the equator. This is too depressing. But I am getting lots of knitting done.

Here’s a quick shot of the valentine’s I sent the family… sorry about the photography, I am getting better at the glitter shots, but some sun would help. I used the Cricut Folk Art Cartridge, one of my favorites. This is the cutout heart, the solid cart, the shadow heart, all stacked on a 4 by 5.5 inch card. Accents are Rangers silver glitter and silver pearl dimensional paint.

folk art 2014

17 thoughts on “the view from the couch”

  1. Feel better soon. Did you see the US vs Russia men’s ice hockey today?! I have never ever watched ice hockey before but it was super exciting, especially the penalty shoot out (!) as was the women’s relay cross country skiing. Who knew?!

    1. I haven’t gotten to hockey yet, but I will look for it. I watched mostly pairs figure skating, half pipe snow boarding, luge and biathalons yesterday. Who knows what today will bring? NBC does an increcibly poor job of covering the games they only show us the most popular events, and then only if USA is involved. I have heard that Canadian Broadcasting (CBC) does a great job, but it is not part of my TV package. I hope I get taht relay x country – I love relays.

      1. That’s a shame for you. The US men were in contention in the relay x country so you might see that. We’ve got full coverage which is brilliant because we’ve only ever won 10 winter Olympics gold medals since 1924! And our 10th was the women’s skeleton a few days ago! You will be able to see that because an American came second. (Is the difference between luge & skeleton that luge you go down feet first and skeleton head first? Or is there something else?) I love the skating & snowboarding too. But I’m watching ice hockey as I type this. And I’m finding it fascinating! Later there will be cross country snowboarding. I think after the skating I like anything that involve jumps best. ๐Ÿ˜„ have a lovely Sunday!

        1. we did see some skeleton last night – not sure I would go head first down that track! I wonder why GB doesn’t win more winter medals – you do win plenty in the summer.

          1. We don’t really get snow! We haven’t even had a flake this year! If we get 8 inches it’s a big deal and everything closes down! Only real snow is in Scotland.

          2. I guess that might do it. ๐Ÿ™‚ So that means no ice, either? in the northern part of the country, we have lots of skating indoors and out, so kids can learn young. and of course, snow for snowboarding and skiing.

          3. No, not really. When it’s very cold here it goes under 0C but not often. Last night it was 2C and D remarked it was very cold. It’s very very wet at the moment! It’s extremely rare for ponds or rivers to freeze over. We have an indoor skating rink in Bristol (30 miles away) and they sometime have them for Christmas.

          4. lol! my brother in law grew up in Liverpool (although he is Chinese and from New Zealand, really – what a world!) and the only sport that exists for him is football. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. thanks. I am feeling a little better, but not going to work today. All I have done this weekend is sleep and knit. I SHOULD be feeling better, right?

    1. it turned into a weekend on the couch, and a long one at that, with the holiday yesterday. Today I called in sick to work. I am feeling a little better, but still groggy and headachy. One more day on the couch, I guess. Knitting is benefitting from this. ๐Ÿ™‚

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