Socks with Sarah Pair #3

sws #3 toe

In keeping with the KAL rule to knit some on socks each day, I cast on the next pair.

This is ancient yarn from the stash, label long gone. By the colors, I would say I got it in the 90’s. 🙂 It feels like a wool blend.

This is left over from socks I made a long time ago. I have this ball plus another skein, so I know there is enough for a pair and then some.

Check out the cute little needle! Thanks to Claire of Mollie and Claire, who showed one in a post recently, I scored one of these on Amazon. It took a bit of getting used to, but I LOVE not dealing with multiple needles when making socks. I might have to get a couple more in different sizes….


12 thoughts on “Socks with Sarah Pair #3”

    1. Thanks, Claire! I am so glad I asked you about that tiny needle, the sock is going so much faster than any I have ever done. Even my two circular method which I swear by involves constantly switching needles. This is wonderful.

  1. I’ve seen needles like these and have been tempted to buy them. But I work my socks toe-up and I usually like to have a heel flap. How would a heel flap be handled on these needles?

    1. hmmm. I am not sure. I am doing toe up, so had to use double points at first, until I had increased my toe enough to go around the needle. I don’t do a heel flap, so I am not sure, but I would think it would work, if you put the instep stitches on a holder, right? It wouldn’t really be any different that double points at that time. These did take a bit of getting used to, but now I am flying throught the rounds. I have to be careful or these will be socks for a giant. 🙂

  2. Love the colors in that yarn cake. The socks are going to be beautiful. I’ve never made socks because of the multiple needles. Your circular looks so tiny, not sure I could work that either. I will enjoy watching your socks grow.

    1. Ginny, it sure is tiny, so might not be for everyone. Claire warned me about that, but I thought it worth a try. So far, so good. too bad you aren;t next door, I cold let you borrow it to try it.
      I’ll keep posting my progress, and let you all know how it goes when I turn the heel.

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