Where did the weekend go?

Shortest weekend of my year – taxes for twelve hours (including drive time) on Friday, then ten hours on Saturday. It felt good to sleep until 8 today. 🙂

Had a really sad experience Saturday – helped a young man and his fiance prepare their tax return, which included declaring a tiny deceased baby as a dependent. The couple was so fragile, and were very unsure how to go about doing this. I was so glad to be able to help. Sent them on their way with all their papers, efiled the return. Shortly thereafter it came back as a reject. Someone had claimed their baby boy! Regular old identity theft is bad enough but this is just cruel. I had to call them back in, give them all the info they needed to call the IRS, prepare to file a paper return. I know that they will now have to fill out a police report, and deal with a whole lot of other red tape. Just what they need. It put a damper on my whole day.

So. the other exciting news in our house is that Tigger barely survived eating one of her toys. I noticed she wasn’t eating much last week, but really thought it was that she either missed A, or had a little bug. But Thursday when she was weak and sad, following me everywhere while I got ready for work, I got nervous. So, I dropped her at the vet, and went to work. Dr. Hunt called to say he suspected some kind of blockage, and could he give her barium then x-ray her?


He did, and called me back. Definite blockage, the barium was still almost all in her throat after 2 hours! So, she had surgery Friday, and they pulled out one piece of foam rubber and manipulated a smaller one down into her colon so it could go naturally. Her intestines were inflamed but not dead, so that was good. Over $500 and two days later we have her home again. She has a special food which she won’t eat, we are to keep her quiet – how? She is keeping herself quiet for the time being. Here’s hoping she will heal nicely and pass the last bit on her own. Of course, Allie Cat and Zumba were under the impression that she was gone for good, and we are now at square one, as if the last 7 months of acclimating cats had never happened. Allie hid in the cellar for two days(so far). Zumba hisses each time she sees Tigger. We hope it will get better when Tigg finishes cleaning the smell of the hospital off of herself, but who knows? Anyway, all those fun foam squares are in the trash, and she will not be getting any more.

tigger home again

Knitting: not much progress – tax days were busy, but I managed a round or two each day on socks. I plan to finish this pair today so that I can star the next one. 🙂 The vest comes along slowly, I amended the pattern so that instead of three pieces, I am knitting it all at once. this makes the rows really long. But, no sewing at the end!

Necklace number 2 is nearly done, just need to knit the i-cord and sew on the clasp. If I finish the sock in a reasonable time tonight, I will then work on that, otherwise, it will get done this week.

Red sweater – it took a WEEK to dry! That is some bulky yarn. 🙂 I plan to add it to the wardrobe this coming week, I think it will be cold enough.

I also got up into the craft room today with Allie Cat and made some valentines. The out-of-state ones need to be mailed tomorrow if they are to get delivered in time. The Maine ones can get mailed later in the week, so I will work on those this week, too. Photos to share at the end of the week, don’t want to spoil anyone’s surprise.

16 thoughts on “Where did the weekend go?”

    1. I know! We did the same with our old girls. Didn;t expect it again as our currents cats are all young. Tigger wil be three in July. Old enough to know better!

    1. isn’t it awful? I felt such empathy for that young couple. I hope whoever did this gets caught and punished. As for Tigger, she is feeling better, but not peppy yet. I wish the other cats would show her a little kindness, but they are really mad she came back, and smelly, too. they run downstairs and she sits at the top of the steps crying because she is lonely. Poor baby!

  1. Wow, you sure did have quite the weekend. So sad for that couple in having their baby’s identity stolen. I hope it all works out for them. And I do hope that your kitty recovers quickly. Looking forward to seeing your cards. Sadly, I haven’t made any cards in far too long. I should do that today 🙂

  2. Hope Tigger feels better soon. The things little fur balls can get into. Maybe you can sneak some of her favorite food her way. I often say that in general people have hit an all time low in the despicable behavior category. I had thought I’d seen the lowest of the low. Obviously not. Stealing the identity of a dead baby is craven.

    1. Tig would love to have some of her favorite food, but because of the surgery, she is on a special little diet. I think just for a few more days, then she can go back to the food she likes.

      Yes, people always find a way to become more despicable, don’t they?

    1. it was definitely an exhausting weekend, and I am paying for it this week, I can already tell. I was asleep by 7 last night. Tigger is feeling some better, and I hope the couple is able to resolve things without too much added angst.

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