quickie post

whacky internet all weekend – I could get on Ravelry, but not WordPress, except to like. No posts, no comments.

Now it is Monday, a tax day, so I am at the library with the high-speed nets. Yahoo.

So. I finished the red sweater. Pictures will come when I block it. Still not sure I like it, I feel like the Michelin Man in it, but it is cheerful and warm!

I worked on the sock, but did not finish it – I made a necklace instead. 🙂 I’ll post photos of that, too.

Game night was fun, but I was there until after 11 – home by midnight, very late for old me. 🙂 So Saturday was a low energy day. A was still recovering from her cold and a long week at work, so we did not do much Saturday, beyond the chores that had to get done (dump, etc)

Sunday was only marginally more productive – if you call sitting on the couch knitting productive. 🙂 I did fill the bird feeders and do a few outside chores while the weather was nice and the quantity of ice somewhat reduced. 🙂

Then it was all sports all afternoon – women’s basketball until the big game. I chose the Seahawks in our home bet to make the game slightly more interesting – $20 for the yarn stash – go team!

A is off to “the County” (Aroostook) for the week, so there is no telling what creations I will make in the evenings. I SHOULD be making valentines, we will see if that happens. 🙂


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