Why I like working at home

Sometimes I am in a mood where working at home just won’t work, because it is work I don’t want to do so I don’t. I find other chores to do instead.

But today I have work to do that has a deadline, and I am home, so it is what it is. BUT… the work I have to do has 6 sections. I have decided that I can reward myself as I complete each section by knitting one row on the sweater sleeve and one round on the socks. Then I can read whatever blogs hit my reader since the last break, and then I can write this one post before I head back to the next section. Isn’t it a bit scary how I am about making rules for myself? Let’s not think about levels of OCD. πŸ™‚

I will say that if I sit down and work, things do get done much faster at home than they would if I were in the office. Something about coworkers and distracting interruptions for conversations with people I really like vs. sitting home with only the cats.

Back to work!


4 thoughts on “Why I like working at home”

  1. I do this!! I will say “if you empty the dishwasher, you can have a cup of coffee. If you fold laundry, you can knit for 20 minutes.” It’s the only way to her stuff done πŸ™‚

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