I am so tired of hearing the unthinking prattle of our local commentators on air. And, it seems, the national level ones are no better. Do they ever listen to themselves? They don’t even make sense!

“If you are just joining us, our guests are…”

Really? And if I have been listening all hour, who are the guests?

“If you are just joining us, it is frigid out there”

For the rest of you, it is a hot summer day.

LISTEN UP! If.. then: what happens in the former has to have bearing on the latter or it makes no sense.

Now, I have to confess, I have caught myself saying to the receptionist at work “If anyone is looking for me, I am going to lunch” which I usually catch instantly after it has left my mouth, so I add “And in fact, I am going to lunch even if no one is looking for me.” But I am not paid to talk endlessly. I think those who are should pay attention to what they say.

Topics for another day? More pet peeves.

“Different than”

“People that”

Less versus fewer

Something to look forward to. 🙂


10 thoughts on “If…then”

    1. I was watching a ball game this afternoon – here’s one I never heard before “she plays fearless”. Sigh. I am so tired of shouting “LEE” at the TV. I guess we don’t need adverbs anymore.

  1. When mangled language starts to get me I know I need to give myself a time out, away from people, before I throw a volume of the OED at them.

    1. ouch, that would hurt! 🙂

      The trouble is, of course, it is mostly on TV and radio. So hard to get away from and still know when the next storm is coming.

  2. Oh less versus fewer bugs me too. I’m hearing it everywhere these days! Another one, in a part of Ireland, people say “leave” instead of “let” so for example, they would say something “He won’t leave me go”. It’s getting more common, even on radio!

    1. I haven’t heard that one, it would annoy me, too. What I used to hear a lot in Connecticut when I lived there is “being that” instead of “since”… ugh.

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