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I’m trying to be better at posting from the camera. And better about taking photos of what I am doing. And better about not using the flash. But I have to confess, given the low light this time of year, the photo of the socks in progress with flash is a much closer representation than that without flash.

sws #2 at the start

This is the start of sock number 1 of the second pair of Socks With Sarah socks. The yarn is Madeline Tosh Tosh sock, color is steam age, and it is just so pretty – nice and soft, lots of color but not garish like my last pair! πŸ™‚ The yarn itself is quite nice to work with, a 2 ply wool, with a nice twist, so it stays together.

The pattern is Figheadh Fundamentals, more info on my Ravelry Project page. It is another toe-up sock, and I have to say – I like toe up – NO Kitchener! The cast on takes some getting used to, but it is a much nicer toe, I think, than any weaving I have ever managed. Heels turn essentially the same way, but no picking up stitches. Just turn a corner, keep going. Love it!

Anyhow – I took this the night I cast them on, I am a bit farther along, a couple of inches down the foot, I would guess. So far so good at keeping to the KAL rule of working on them some every day, even if it is just half a round.

On the red sweater – no photo, but real progress yesterday. Made it past the neck opening, rejoined the front and back and am now doing the 34 very long rows that will get me to the other shoulder. I should be done by June. πŸ™‚ I have that on Ravelry as well, if you want more detail about the sweater – and to see other people’s finished products – some are quite nice! All are taller and slimmer than I, which makes me nervous about how it will really look in the end. I am eager to finish it, though, as I want to start on the necklaces, and I don;t want to break my 2 WIP rule… plus, I try to knit a hat between projects each time,a nd I did NOT do that between socks, so I owe my charity knitting a couple of nice hats. I had better hop off this computer and onto the knitting… but then there are other things I want to do – sewing and a few cards to make… definitely need to log off…


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  1. I am going to have to try toe up socks.

  2. Looking lovely. Never tried toe up before – but then I’ve only knitted one pair so far!

    • lol – it would not surprise me if Sarah has you knitting a pair before the end of the year. But I really like them, for a few reasons. One is, it is easier to fit as I go. Another is no weaving on toes. And lastly – you knit the foot first, so if you are thinking of running out of yarn, you can more easily plan the things – keep them both on the needles and just knit them until you run out of yarn. Better to have a short legged sock than a short footed sock!

  3. I don’t have an account to view the photo you are referring to but I have a photography tip. I don’t know what type camera you are using but, if you can change the ISO setting you can change the brightness of your image. If you need more info I will be glad to help. Your friend in Kentucky.

    • Hello, my Kentucky friend – I wish this camera had ISO settings, but it isn’t that fancy. My old film camera did, and I really miss it. (and shutter speeds and all manner of things to make photography a lot of fun)

      As for Ravelry – unless you craft with fiber, it would make no sense to have an account. I’ll be more cognizant of that when posting photos. πŸ™‚

      Keep warm and stay off the ice!

      • What kind of camera is it? If you can get to a menu you should be able to find ISO. Some point and shoot cameras have his. Let me know what you are using. What is your friend working on in her shop? I just finished something for myself, a cedar chest. I will send you a photo.

        • I don’t have it handy, but it is a Panasonic, I think…

          A is very frustrated right now, as she is not working on anything in her shop! We are having a screened porch put on, and the contractors have taken over her basement work area. She is raring to get at the bookcases she has been promising me for years; she has the wood, and the prototype cut out, but can’t work on them! I am going to do a pallet build this spring, I want a hanging swing/daybed on the new porch. I saw a really easy looking one that I will try to make, from pallets. We have plenty of those around!

          I would love to see your cedar chest – you make amazing things!

  4. Lovely color, and I bet it is soft too πŸ™‚

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