Friday list

This is a snow date for knitting with family, so I will head out around 9 to pick up Mom, then head to Portland to sister’s for lunch and a few hours of knitting. Mom and I will stop at brother N’s land on the way and check out progress on his new house. Mom needs to be home no later than 6, so we won’t stay long, but it will still be a full day.

I hope to make good progress on the second sock, and just in case we have a miracle and I finish it, I put a ball of MadelineTosh sock yarn in my bag. Can’t start it yet, I did not put extra needles in the bag. I know myself. 🙂

Of course, before I go I will do a load or two of laundry, and I will stop at the PO on my way out of town.

And A said she will stop at our favorite pizza place in Manchester on her way home, so when I get home there will be good pizza for supper.

yum… good day!


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