I am sleeping in the lap of luxury tonight. I feel ashamed because I could be sleeping at mom’s, she lives about 3 miles from here….

I am attending a two-day work session, and they put us up in this very nice inn (Berry Manor) in Rockland. We fill the small place, but each get our own room. Meetings today ran until 5, then supper was until 7:30. So I wouldn’t really get to visit much with Mom. Tomorrow we are supposed to go until 4 but as we are getting yet another storm, some folks are worried about traveling, and we may wrap up early. If we do, I will pop over to say hi to Mom. And not even worry about the money that could have been saved if I had slept there tonight. 🙂

Check out this place – I am in a huge room with a king sized four poster bed with canopy, a fireplace, a big screen TV, a chaise longue, wi-fi, etc. My own bath with a whirlpool tub, and downstairs is a well stocked kitchen with ice cream and pie for the eating!!!

I told A tonight when I called that if we ever wanted to stay at Mom’s but there wasn’t room, this is where we would come instead.

And yes, my dears, you can WALK to the LYS. And it’s a good one! I of course, have not done that this trip as I am out of Y money. 😦


9 thoughts on “Fancy-schmancy”


      The Inn is for sale if you really want to wash dishes and stay there. 🙂 It’s in Rockland, within walking distance of downtown and the harbor. And Over the Rainbow Yarn store. I think you might like it, even just for a visit, next time you come to Maine. 🙂

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