what I see

office view January 2 2014

Let’s start outside… this is a view out my office window Monday – around 3:30 (which is seriously depressing). It hasn’t changed much since then, but by Monday night, it might. We are on track to get a lovely storm of wintry mix that ends as rain. Will that rain freeze? Or will it wash away all of this ice and snow?

I took these photos today when I went out to move the car so the plow guy can clean up the parking area. I was out a while, thought it was pretty warm out until I came in and my glasses totally fogged up. I checked the thermometer. 14 degrees F. And it felt warm. It will be a long winter.


diamonds 1

diamonds 2

ice house

What I see inside – so much more cheerful!

Here is my red star. A thinks it is a new Christmas ornament, but I might have to keep it up all winter, I love it so much. So warm and cozy. I wonder when she will notice? 🙂

Christmas star

Remember when I said I wanted to make a pompom garland, thanks to all of you who did amazing things with pom poms? I did it one afternoon last week, and here it is. I think it makes the loft railing look cheerful and merry.

pom pom garland

And on my needles? Last winter, I made this great red sweater, from Tom Scott, as shown in Vogue Knitting. But the bobbles weren’t right on me, and it wasn’t long enough.

wip red sweater

So, I ripped it all out, changed the bobbles to another cable and started again. This time, I am making it as long as the large size, and it will have to do because I am NOT ripping it out and reknitting it again. I LOVE the red color and warmth of it – it is Lamb’s Pride bulky, in blood-red (number 80, I think.) It works up fast, and I should be wearing it before the end of winter. (Which might mean May, I know. 😦 )

wip red sweater redux


14 thoughts on “what I see”

  1. That star really is lovely. I’d leave it up too…. Hope the snow will melt soon for you! I’m ready for spring and we didn’t even have any snow yet…

    1. so, too. I am beginning to think I decorate like the scandinavians – lots of white and pale blues and grays, then pops of warm red. Anyway, it seems cheerful to me, and cozy. Which is good, this year.

    1. Thanks – it is a big house, bigger than we actually need, but we love it. I agree about the star. I could just leave it up until summer, and call it a patriotic decoration, right?? The pom poms are fun. A isn;t so sure about them. but the cats love them. 🙂

  2. We are getting the awful white stuff now. Probably a good 8 or 9 inches out there and it will continue through the day and night 😦 I wonder how much we will end up with. And then it’s on to you. Stay warm and get your errands done now. The stores here were a huge mess yesterday. You might have thought it was the end of the world. And maybe it is..since I don’t go out in the snow. I love your red star and think it will be nice hanging there all winter. Your pom-pom garland is really cute. Good luck with your red sweater. You may want to knit faster so that you can wear it this week 😉

    1. oh, I hope you get yours cleaned up soon. Today was a “warm” day – really it was, close to 30 in teh sun. Which left us in the afternoon, so the storm clouds could roll in. Tonight we get a wintry mix, tomorrow rain. I wonder what that will do to all of the stuff on the ground? They promise us a quick freeze following the storm. Sigh.

    1. thanks! YR could not get the star, it is hanging high, but the pom poms would be gone, you are right, he could get them with a bit of jumping. 🙂

      I wonder if they make kevlar yarn?

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