Saturday morning

Good morning!

We are up early this morning because the contractor is here working on that screened porch. The ice-covered one, you know. 🙂 It is amazing that he can work in this mess, but he can. Two days working in A’s shop (with A as his helper) and today working to make up for two lost weather days this week. I think he is still on track for getting most of it done next week, but the final touches won’t be done until spring.

As a result of getting up early, we did get to see a beautiful pink sunrise before the gray clouds again overwhelmed the world.

winter sunrise

winter sunrise 1

winter sunrise 2

winter sunrise 3

winter sunrise 4

winter sunrise 5

And while I had the camera out – the blue buttoned scarf – complete! I love that I can wear it several different ways, but I don’t love that I can’t photograph the beads well!
Or myself, either. I need to grab a niece or two and get selfie lessons. 🙂

blue scarf

blue scarf 1

blue scarf selfie

Leg warmers still have a couple of inches to go – I worked on them last night at the gathering at niece T’s house. But I kept getting distracted by great conversation, food, and giant remote control shark balloons. Yes, you heard me right. Houses with teenaged kids and fun-loving parents get the best toys. 🙂 We did meet nephew D’s new wife A, and she seems like a wonderful woman. Not at all shy to be in a room full of strangers, just seemed to settle in and enjoy the party. I am sure this holiday has been hard for both of them, meeting each other’s family up close and personal – they got married very quickly, by proxy, and she is moving to Madagascar with him next week. She seems like she can handle all the changes, and they both seem to be VERY happy. But I did not finish the leg warmers, so they are still the mobile project.

But the next one is waiting impatiently on the coffee table – all the pom poms that have been floating around the blogosphere have finally coalesced into a project for me to work on – a Christmas garland. I got some holiday sparkly red and green yarn, and happen to have lots of white acrylic to use with them. So as soon as i finish the leg warmers, I will begin making pom poms. 🙂

Here are a few gratuitous cat photos – all three, close enough to be in one photo! Allie and Zumba do love the Christmas wrapping paper, so A saves it and puts it on the bed each day. Until I go crazy and toss it all when no one is looking, or sleeping on it. 🙂

2 cats

three cats


7 thoughts on “Saturday morning”

  1. Love the scarf! It looks so good on you. The kitties are adorable. The early morning pictures capture the beauty and calm. Very pretty.

    1. thanks! Our kitties love paper – maybe not as much as Yarn Rascal loves yarn, but enough that we can’t leave it around – so wrapped presents had to get tucked away. They were THRILLED when packages got open and paper got tossed on the floor.

    1. It’s new to me, but I guess he just sent in some proof he was who he said he was, and signed all the papers in Madagascar, and in Colorado, she brought them all to city hall or someplace and put all the paperwork through. I am not sure how all the parents are adjusting to it, but the couple seems happy! I think being married made a difference in getting her to Madagascar, and them into bigger company housing, as opposed to just dating or being engaged.

    1. thanks! I wore it tonight and received many compliments. My cousin made me take it off and explain the pattern to her. 🙂

      Zumba loves boxes, too. We call them cat traps. Get a new pair of shoes, better not set that box dowm while you put the shoes away! She will settle into it like a perfect pair of size nines. 🙂

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