Late friday list

crazy morning!

Shopping list made by 7:15
Contractor here by 7:30
Exterminator here by 7:45 (regular maintenance)
lights on tree by 8:00, at least all the lights I have.
some presents wrapped by 9

Still to do:

meeting at the library
grocery shopping
Cat food and pet presents
Yankee Swap gift to buy
more lights to buy
more presents to wrap
Collapse on sofa

I think I can do all of that and perhaps a little knitting, too. 🙂 Stormy weekend ahead, so I do hope I can get all the errands done today and stay put over the weekend.

Stay warm and dry this wintry weekend!


7 thoughts on “Late friday list”

  1. My gosh, you get more done before 9 am than the US Army! A full day. Hope it all goes smoothly for you. Of course the pet presents are the most important errand. What would we do without our little darlings?

    1. I guess I am a morning person – and since A has to work on Fridays, I am up early and going strong. PLus, with all those workmen coming, I had to have my act together and be dressed. 🙂

  2. We are going to have a stormy weekend but, the temps are warm for this time of year. It gets cold, ice storm, then turns warm, 60’s. It is enough to drive you crazy. When it is warm and stormy there are usually tornado threats. You are a busy bee.

    1. tornadoes! Yikes. We are so lucky not to get those! We are getting an ice storm tomorrow night and Sunday, and it was raining all day, but will freeze up tonight. But I got all mu chores done, and can now relax and wrap, bake and knit. 🙂

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