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Yesterday was really productive AND mostly fun.

I got done everything on my list, amazingly. Had a fun couple of hours with niece B – we visited in her dorm for a bit, then braved the bitter, windy cold and headed to downtown Bangor for a bit of shopping, and lunch – she had not eaten all day. We talked about all sorts of things, and she did what she has always done – asked me a question she really wanted to understand and thought I could answer. “Why do some people who say they are Christians feel that birth control is bad?” I told her what I thought the answer was, and she wondered why they thought that they could tell other people what they should and should not do. I wonder the same thing myself, often.

I had a simply horrible customer service experience at Best Buy. I walked in when the store opened. I knew exactly what I wanted and went straight to that section of the store, where I was ignored for 29 minutes by 2 different sales people, even after I asked one of them for help. I know it was 29 minutes, because I told myself I would wait patiently until 10:30 and then I would raise holy hell. They were just one minute under my deadline when the salesperson finished talking to his friend and asked if I would like some help.

It actually was amazing to have this experience there, because usually they are smothering in their eagerness to help.

Other than that, it was a good day. The dermatologist is pleased with how bad my mouth looks, and says I won’t have to do this to my lips again for years. She hinted that I might have to do it to other parts of my body, which I won’t worry about until my next appointment with her NEXT OCTOBER. Yea!

I got a few craft project supplies while I was out and about – some beads for a knitted necklace, a paper making kit meant for kids, but with which I will enjoy playing, I picked up a Cricut cartridge from niece T, which I will use tomorrow so that I can return it next week. We are supposed to decorate our office doors at work for the holidays, and everyone else is going wild with bells and garland, etc. I want to go the other way, and nail simple humor. 🙂 So, I plan to cut out a large planet earth, and some green circles which I will stick above it.

Peas on earth.


Last night, A told me she invited her sisters over or lunch, because she had a few projects to do for them, and she knew she wouldn’t get them done. That meant we had to get up early and crank on chores – I hit the PO, the grocery store, the library and delivered some packages to a local family for our Christmas gift program at work. While I did that, A went to the dump and to pick out our Christmas tree.

I made curried squash and mushroom soup to go with the turkey paninis A made for lunch, and then she and L went down and worked on the framing project that needed to be done. S and I visited upstairs while I knit on that blue scarf. 🙂

Then L came up and A worked on her commission from S. It is pretty cool – a platform for under a desk, to elevate feet for proper posture at work. S works in a agency with as little money as mine, and she has a group of short people who need the box under their desk. A built it to order, right height, large enough to be useful, and she did it for free out of scrap wood, so it is definitely more affordable than the expensive ones in office supply stores.

So now we sit with a Christmas tree upright in its stand ready to decorate, laundry to be done, and Christmas cards to write. We are all set for the big snow storm we are getting tonight and tomorrow – estimates vary between 8 -14 inches. I am just sad it is happening 24 hours too soon for us to maybe get a snow day. 🙂

When I was at the store today, I could not help but notice the hordes of people stocking up on staples – in anticipation of the storm. Why do people do that? Do they really think they will run completely out of toilet paper/milk, eggs, and not be able to shop for a month or two? Even in the worst storm here, the ice storm of ’98, when people were without power for as much as three weeks, the stores were open with in a day or two. I don’t get it. So, I just got a few things, and we will get by with what we have.

One thing I will do before I head to bed is fill a couple of jugs with water, just in case. I know I could melt snow and boil it, but if I can avoid having to do that, I would like to.

I hope you are all as warm and snug as we are –


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  1. Peas on Earth! That’s funny! People here do the same thing, stockpile food as if they’ll never see a food store again. I don’t understand the thinking behind it. Unless being stuck with each other all day is so onerous that stuffing oneself full of food to avoid conversation is their idea of survival.

  2. It is very comforting to know that you get snow days too.I thought it ewas just our disorganisation!

  3. Loving peas on earth! We get panic buying during snow here which is ludicrous as we never get more than 6 inches… However I do always keep a large supply of toilet roll in. I would get stressed if that ran out!

  4. How did you do in the snow? We got about 10 inches (upstate New York) but it was light and fluffy and no problems!

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