Everything is Blue!

This won’t surprise people who know me, as blue is my favorite color, but I realized today that everything I am working on is blue. A blue Christmas present for my eldest niece, and a blue beaded scarf for me, which I keep in a blue yarn bowl on the coffee table (not blue). Hmm, what? Oh, yes, I thought you knew. I have not yet finished that blue beaded scarf. I really do work on it some most days. It just is a slow progress kind of thing. I think it is the pulling the yarn through all the beads that is slowing me down. Sometimes the only work I do on it is to pull yarn through when I have a few minutes to sit. I plan on making it ten sections long, and I am almost done with the 7th one. When I get to ten, I will see if that is really as long as I want it before I finish it off. I was hoping to wear it Sunday to the carol sing, but that isn’t happening. Still, I will have it, and can wear it next year. I *might* have another scarf or shawl I can wear. 🙂

diagonal scarf 2

If you look really closely in this photo, you can just see the beads marking the diagonal triangles on the scarf. In person they are slightly less subtle. Really, they are worth the work. I hope that by the time I finish I will have figured out how to photograph it so you can see them. They are like a little touch of glitter. 🙂


13 thoughts on “Everything is Blue!”

  1. Your beaded scarf is looking beautiful! I recently picked up a beaded scarf pattern and beads. I probably won’t get to it this winter, but maybe next. I have never knitted a beaded anything before, so I am looking forward to it when I actually get the time to do it. And I have to go look for one of those knitting bowls! Love yours and what a great way to store a small work in progress piece. Lovely!

    1. thanks! We found this at a not very close locally owned shop (a couple of hours south of us on Route 1) and I had to have it. Love blue! 🙂 If you are looking for a beading how to book, I used Knit One Bead Too, which my cousin recommended. I don’t love all the patterns, but the instructions on the different ways to have beads in knitting are very clear.

  2. It looks beautiful. Beaded work is so involved but the results are worth it. Can’t wait to see the finished beauty.

        1. OMG – Good luck! I am working on leg warmers fr my oldest niece – who is 5 foot 10, and said “I like them about 28 inches long. Sigh. She probably wants two… 🙂

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