WIPS and what I am reading

This month for book group, we are reading David McCullough’s The Great Bridge. It is thick. And having read his John Adams, I knew it would be dense reading – lots of material. But I also knew it would be well written. I am right on both counts! (Don’t you just love when that happens?) I am about a third of the way through the book and they have just started digging. 🙂

What I like about it is that it is less about the bridge (so far) than the father/son team who made it happen. they are fascinating characters so far, and I can’t wait to read how they pull it off. McCullough is doing a good job of making this non fiction work read like a novel. I have a couple more weeks to finish it, so I read a bit every night before I go to sleep. It is due back at the library a few days before book group, I hope I remember to renew it.

But Salpal, why did you take it out of the library, when you usually buy your book group books at your local bookstore?

Well, because I am stubborn. I bought this book for my father for Christmas one year, and I refuse to buy it again. 🙂 Yes, even though I will probably never see Dad’s copy again. And also, I wasn’t sure I wanted to own this one, and I know for a fact that the people I pass my book group books onto would not be interested in this one.

I love reading it because my grandmother and her father’s family lived in Brooklyn. Her father used to cross this bridge to go to work every day, so that is kind of cool. The Brooklyn described in the book is much more like the Brooklyn she knew than any Brooklyn you could find now. So I enjoy reading it and thinking about her growing up there.

So anyway… not totally unrelated is a WIP I am working on. One of the book group ladies is having a rotten miserable year healthy wise. She is currently recovering from back surgery and from a chemo round for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. I haven’t seen her in a few months, but I have to think that she is cold and tired and not enjoying life at the moment. So I am knitting her a little hat, which, if she loses her hair will keep her head warm. And if she doesn’t lose her hair, it will keep her head warm. 🙂

It is a soft purple and white combo made from a cashmere/alpaca and wool mix – not itchy at all. And the amazing part is that I got this wool at a local thrift store for only a dollar a ball! Sadly, they only had the three balls, but I am loving working with it. It is tiny, so there are lots of stitches, and it takes many rows to get anywhere, ut it will be a fine hat when I finish. I want to get it done before next book group meets, in case we see her or one of the members who lives near her can drop it off.

I also have put aside the blue beaded scarf for a bit of Christmas knitting – blue leg warmers for my niece. the pair I made her last winter didn’t really work for her, so I am trying again. This time I am using a pattern, which I should have done before but thought it could not be that hard. It could be. So, trying again. They are going lots faster than the last pair, since they have half the stitches!

Instead of knitting at night though, I have been working on Christmas card assembly. I have figured out the production line, and make them in batches of four, as I can get four cards out of one 12 x 12 and one 8.5 and 11 sheet of paper. I spent some time making the cuts for about 24 cards the other night, and then brought the bits downstairs for gluing. I got about 14 done in one evening, then last night I glittered them. Almost done, last step is to put the hallmark on the backside. So tonight, I will do some more cutting and then a bit of gluing, tomorrow night I will be gluing a lot of them, followed by an evening of glittering.

How will the Christmas knitting, as limited as it is, get done? Just not sure about that one!

Last year I knit the teenaged nieces necklaces, and at Thanksgiving, I heard that two of the girls loved them, one to the point that hers wore out!!! I told her return it for mending or replacement. The other said she wears hers a lot and gets many compliments on it, so that is encouragement to make more – but I won’t promise those in time for Christmas. Often we don’t see the girls again until January – reprieve! But then there are the other two girls whose packages have to be mailed… soon… what will I put in those???

Never mind, I will just go read my book while I think about it….

4 thoughts on “WIPS and what I am reading”

  1. That hat is such a thoughtful idea!
    If you’re interested in a novel about Brooklyn in the 50’s from an immigrant’s perspective, Brooklyn by Colm Toibin is excellent.

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