Am I getting too fussy?

I stopped at two craft fairs today – both were really disappointing. One was a church craft fair, and I was sure the ladies would have wonderful stuff – but it all looked like they bought it at the dollar store and added red and green paint to make it “handmade”. The other one was to benefit the fire department. At least this stuff was handmade, but it really was cheap and icky. That is the technical term! All I bought was some whoopie pies for A, and she said they weren’t very good. Not even tha baked goods pass muster.

It seems like this year, the craft fairs are just not up to snuff. In past years I have seen wonderful handmade products, pretty and creative. I always was able to buy several Christmas gifts at these shows, but not this year. It’s disappointing as I love to check out other people’s creative work. 🙂

I also stopped at the ReStore to drop off a bucket of nails and saw several pieces I could imagine bringing home, painting and using. But we don’t need furniture… we don’t need furniture…we don’t need furniture.

I also went to the local craft store for two things – paper and Stickles glitter glue. (I told you the Christmas cards have glitter. 🙂 ) They had the paper, but not the glue, so, sadly, I had to go online to get that and of course, got a few more colors than I exactly need. Have to get that “free” shipping, right?

Other than time spent running around town, I was in the craft room all day, getting Christmas card pieces together. I think tomorrow I will be able to churn out lots of them – until I run out of glitter,that is. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Am I getting too fussy?”

  1. Oh how disappointing. There is nothing worse then seeing items for sale (whether for charity or otherwise) knowing that someone has lovingly crafted them but not seen it through in the finishing of the product. I’m sure the next fair will be better!

    Anyway, how are you getting on with that glitter? Run out yet?

    1. lol – haven’t gotten to that step yet – we did some errands this morning and are now taking a wee lunch break. Then I go upstairs and start gluing and glittering. 🙂

    1. yes! That is what the problem was. One more to check out this coming weekend, I sure hope it is better than the last. And the really sad thing is that on the morning news they did a piece on a craft fair in a nearby town put on by United Maine Craftsmen, which is a great organization of good crafters, and I could have gone if I had known about it. 😦

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