family painting and pellet moving

Friday morning I got up and made the drive to my brother C’s house – a little over an hour away. It was a gorgeous morning, frosty and cold, sunny, with mist in the valleys. Really pretty drive.

I got there a little after 8, Mom was already there, and as promised, my brother had prepped the walls! I truly had not expected him to keep up his end of the bargain. Nice surprise. A few things he did not do, but were easy for us – wipe the baseboard registers down, and sweep the walls of dust and yes, cobwebs. πŸ™‚

So, Mom and I dug right in (after delicious donuts from Willow Bake that she brought) and worked our butts off all day – the room is huge – open plan, with a foyer and long hall all sharing the ceiling with no breaks. The ceiling alone is more than 600 square feet.

I did the roller work, and Mom did the cutting in. Luckily, C had gotten the good paint that is primer and top coat together, so we were able to cover the ugly green with clean linen white in one coat.

We had a lunch break, but otherwise worked right through until after 5, when the light was gone, and we really couldn’t see how we were doing on coverage. We left instructions for C to finish up the wall cutting in over the big screen TV – we were not comfortable climbing up a ladder and leaning in across that very huge important piece of his life! Then headed home for supper. But we were so tired, and lunch had been so late that even when B offered to get us supper, all I wanted was a chocolate shake – so he got it for me. What a good step father… πŸ™‚

The three of us had a nice visit, played some Yahtzee after dinner, and then I took a really long hot shower and went to bed.

Morning came to soon! Mom and I got a slow start but were over to C’s by ten, after stopping to visit him at work.

We were definitely on a slower speed for the second day, but got it all done by 3:30. We spent the next half hour cleaning up and putting things back where they belonged, and C was really surprised when he got home around 4:30, to find it all finished.

We were pretty pleased with how it came out, the room looked so much cleaner and warmer. Of course, brother being a boy who had a long day at work, he came home cranky, complaining about where we parked, had we fed the dog, blah blah blah and Mom finally said to him “Besides telling us how nice this looks, is there anything else you would like to say right now?” It was perfect! He looked a little sheepish and said “thank you.” But it made me get a glimmer why he is twice divorced. I would not put up with that attitude every evening!

Anyway, we left shortly after, and I came home. It was so nice to get here to my pleasant wife and cuddly cats. I love spending time with Mom, we had lots of fun while we were painting, and I do wish we lived closer, but I think I live the right distance from my brother…. sometimes he is great and fun, and others he is just such a jerk. So space is good. πŸ™‚

Today A and I slept a bit late, but got up in time to be ready to rock and roll when her sister L arrived to help us load wood pellets into the basement. We stowed two tons of them on the new platform a built for storing them in the cellar. We have a pretty good system for getting them in the house – We have a board covered with a tarp that we set up on the stairs, so A and L slide the bags down to me, I catch them and stack them on the platform. We have room for another ton, but we won’t get them until later this winter, since we are tired and sore – even though it is a good, easy system, it is still 4,000 pounds of pellets that got moved and stacked!

Now we are relaxing in front of the stove, warm and cozy, with cats all around. It is a good evening.


7 thoughts on “family painting and pellet moving”

  1. Next time I get ready to paint I know who to call. Have you ever been to Kentucky? I am going to do a blog piece soon to tell what I have been doing for three weeks. Be watching for that installment.

    1. Lol – I have only been to the airport that is not really in Ohio, but is in Kentucky – is that Cincinnati? You never know – Mom and I love to travel, and we can stand to paint. Make us an offer we can’t refuse. πŸ™‚

      I’ll be looking for the update – hope it isn’t that you have been sick….

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