Ahhh, Friday!

Today the older of my two little brothers, N, turns 51. I don’t remember the day he came home from the hospital, but I do remember him as a tiny baby, in those little white knit nightshirts with the drawstring at the bottom. I remember my mom adjusting that nightshirt after changing him and calling him her “little sack of potatoes” (lovingly, of course!). Funny what we remember, huh? I wasn’t quite 4 when he was born, but I clearly remember his nursery and him as a tiny boy. Seems impossible that he is now older than my grandfathers were when I was born. My baby brother is old enough to be a grandfather – yikes!

Anyway… this week’s Friday list is very different from most. I’ll get up early and hit the road to Warren, to the home of my younger baby brother (he’s only 48, a mere babe!) where I will meet him and Mom, and Mom and I will paint his living room. It is a large room, really living/dining/kitchen. He asked for our help a while ago, and Mom got sick of looking at the dingy paint so she made these arrangements. He is to have all the prep work done – nail holes filled, edges taped off, walls clean. If he really has, then painting it should not be awful. We will work on it all day, then I will stay overnight at Mom’s, and we will go finish it Saturday. It should be a fun day, really, Mom and I work well together on painting projects. Brother C is self admittedly not a good painter, so he is thrilled we are willing to help.

I’ll bring some mobile knitting – I have a couple of small projects going that can travel well. If only I had yarn stash cash left, there is a really nice yarn store near her. I do have a little in PayPal, but not sure they take that at the store. I should find out… πŸ™‚

Mom is planning on us going out for burgers for supper, and probably not much else, but we will have a good visit and catch up on life.

While I am gone, A and her sister L will go to the Maine Harvest Festival – I am sorry to miss this giant local food extravaganza, but they will surely buy me many little treats, and the cranberries I need for Thanksgiving. A will also order 2 tons of pellets, so Sunday, we will be doing or power pellet lifting, getting them in the house. Almost all ready for winter around here!


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