Friday list

Things are getting back to normal!

Here goes:

Hair cut (barber shop went up , and now these cost $10, can you believe it?)
Go to Ellsworth to:
– get snow tires put on my car
– library – looking for book club book and some movies. I miss Movie Gallery and Blockbuster!
– go to Gifted Hand Show while I wait for snow tires. Oh my, I am so excited to go to this, I love this show. The woman who organizes it gets the best hand crafters around and so there is amazing jewelry, fiber stuff, and my favorite glass button lady will be there. 🙂

Then off to Bangor to
– drop off the United Way pledges (and enter my name in the drawing for a new car – fingers crossed please!)
– maybe do something fun with my niece if she can bear to spend time with her old aunt, and the schedules mesh.

Not sure what else, but have to get home in time for supper, because A asked especially if we could go to Bucksport House of Pizza and NOT get take out, but eat there so that her steak and cheese sub is all hot and gooey. It seems an easy request to agree to. 🙂

There will be knitting. Gosh darn it all, if I don’t finish the edge on this Pi shawl soon I will scream! I counted the remaining stitches the other night, I shouldn’t have. It was 142. It takes me just under 15 minutes to do the 20 rows required to edge ten of them. That math made me sad and so I have been trying to plug away at it every chance I get. I have other projects I want to be doing, but I made this rule… it keeps me from being overwhelmed with WIPS, and I made it for times just like this, but oh how I hate this rule sometimes. 🙂

Anyway, I think that is the whole list – it sounds like a lot, but it isn’t really… and it has some wonderful shopping in it – even if it is just the drooling window variety. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Friday list”

  1. Sounds productive with a little fun thrown in. $10 hair cut—what a dream. Try the bottom rate in Westchester County NY is $75. Some months it just makes me want to shave my head and be done with it all.

    1. Ouch! I go to the barber shop – around here, I think a salon cut is about $30 – I haven’t had one of those in years. I got sick of them cutting my hair the way they wanted, shamppoing when it was clean, the whole deal. I found a female barber who doesn’t mind cutting women’s hair. I do get funny looks from the men sometimes, but they are learning.

    1. Not yet! But it will be here soon. Flurries in the forecast. I try to get the tires on early in November, assuming no snow yet. If we get a storm earlier, I do it then, but it is hideous to deal with it when there is an impending storm, as everyone goes on the same day.

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