Shopping… and other things

A and I went up to Bangor shopping Friday afternoon – she got out of work early, and needed new shoes.

I did not need new shoes.

But I got some really nice boots anyway. Dress boots that are just slightly over ankle height, and have an adjustable top, to having large calves did not make them impossible. Can’t wait for boots/tights season now!

We also went to JoAnn’s – can you believe I got in there, got what I needed and got out with only ONE extra thing? every word is true! Got some craft supplies for little niece E’s birthday next month, and some paper and a hexagon punch for me. Already thinking of some fun birthday cards to make with that punch – and as November has 4 family birthdays in it, thinking of fun cards is a good thing. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I also got some acrylic yarn in girly colors – realized all these hats – none great for little girls. So I got some pinks and purples and will make some little hats over the next few weeks.

Then we did go to KFC, and stopped at Lowe’s on the way home, I got another can of spray paint, I am addicted, I think… and now it is too cold to paint outdoors, so I may have to wait until spring to do the chairs…

Saturday was a slow and easy day – L came over and she and A did a bit of ceiling insulating in the basement while I did data entry and some Halloween card wrap up details. Then we vegged and watched taped shows from this week, and I knit on the shawl. Boy, the rows crawl since that last increase, but I made it to the first 6 row YO round. Not much more to go now – I only have 5 more skeins of yarn – lol. Might wind up with a bit of the border yarn left over, but I am going to try not to. I have saved three skeins for that, it should be more than enough.

Today, more of the same – A went to the dump while I did data entry and prepped the cards for mailing. We went off to visit A’s sister S, had to deliver a couple of mystery packages – although we thought we had gotten enough for one for each radiation treatment, it seems we are two short. So, A picked up a couple more things, we wrapped them and delivered them. S is so cute, she has all the opened ones on display, and the pile of unopened ones below. She is loving this one part of having radiation, which was the point. She did tell us that weekends are a let down (no treatment, no gift.) so if we ever do it again for anyone, we should include weekends! Good feedback. She seems healthy and in good spirits, but a little anxious about next steps – visit to the dentist and the oncologist the week after finishing. Unrelated, of course, but in her mind, they are related, as she went to the dentist and then for her mammogram 6 months ago. It’s been a long 6 months for her, I know.

10 thoughts on “Shopping… and other things”

    1. Oh, so slowly. I got about 50 surveys entered, which leaves me about a hundred to go. They are just going to get what I know so far, and they will have to wait with bated breath for the final results on my original timeline. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Wow. What is it with breast cancer and dentists? I had 3 root canals done all at once in the short timeline between surgery and beginning of radiation treatment. Yes the dentist and the oncologist do get cemented together in my mind. In fact, I have my oncologist appointment today (fingers crossed) and my dental appointment at the end of the week. I will be 6 months out from my last radiation treatment on the 30th of this month. Tell her to hang in there. Every rad treatment means one less to go.

    1. hey, that is strange. I will share your blog with her – not sure if she is “into” them, but you might get her hooked. ๐Ÿ™‚

      She will be all done with rad next Monday, I think – she had 6 more to go yesterday, and she goes every week day. So the end is in sight. She is worried about the tomaxaphin (sp?) and side effects, and the oncologist who is plain spoken, does not sugar coat things to make her feel better. I think that is OK, but I understand why she wants someone a bit softer. And of course, the dentist. ๐Ÿ™‚

      1. I was lucky that I just was outside the baselines for using tamoxifen. I was too far past menopause. I know some women who take it and have little to no problems. I know others who have gotten every side effect and then some. My oncologist has me on arimidex. I think there are other oncology meds that can be subed for the tamoxifen. I hope she does well. It is so kind of you and A to do this for her.

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