MADE IT! (Hideous rant about being over-worked, but NOT whining.)

I made it through the week – FINALLY!

I started the week by getting to work around 3 am Monday. It was rough, but worth it – got the grant entered in the horrible online system 1.5 hours ahead of deadline. Launched straight into the next one, which had to hit the mail box by noon on Wednesday. These last two have been a real struggle because the division they are for does not think my deadlines are real, or that I need info, or something. Whatever, I have to hound them to give me data with which to write a good grant to fund THEIR jobs. It makes no sense, but there you have it.

So, I finished the Wednesday grant a bit late, had to run it over to the PO as I missed the mail pick up. That was my 4th grant delivered in 8 days. Freaking ridiculous (and amazing) if you ask me. 🙂

Then there is the board planning retreat next week. They had asked for some census data ahead of time, and I was all set to get that before I wrote the grants, but one of the things that got shut down with the government was the Census website, so I had to put that off, then it had to wait until I finished the grants, so then I was scurrying. Got it done, met with the facilitator and my boss, and we realized that to do the work they want to do, they needed more info. The board wants my Community Needs Assessment data, and they want it ahead of the retreat so they can digest it. Sounds OK, except that means it had to get mailed out today, and the Needs Assessment isn’t due for another month, so I have it in my workplan but have not done any compiling or analyzing of data. I collected excerpts from several reports I will use, and gave them raw data of the surveys I have entered so far, with a memo explaining that the data is worthless as it is incomplete and not cleaned up, but what the heck? I cannot do everything all at once. I might have left that last bit out of the memo, and promised them more raw data on Tuesday.

So I will enter survey data this weekend, spend a few minutes Monday doing a little data cleaning, and get that ready for them – as ready as they will get for a report due to be presented to them the last Tuesday in November. ONE MONTH AWAY. A MONTH WITH ONLY ONE GRANT DUE. Granted, a month with two holidays, and as I worked the last holiday, I do not intend to do that again. I think it is manageable. Getting it done by Tuesday is not.

Oh, did I mention that I have three federal reports due by end of day Wednesday? Yep. Couldn’t work on them ahead because we end our year on 9/30, and I had to wait for the over-worked (no sarcasm, they really are) folks in Finance to finish closing the books so I could get my numbers together. Got all those reports today. So Monday and Wednesday will be filling out a million forms which aren’t filled out the same way for each report. It seems the USDA and the SBA want different numbers on the same line with the same instructions on the identical forms. Makes it interesting, I must say. All I can say is that the last thing I really need is to be doing data entry and going to a planning retreat.

Nuff about work.

How is the knitting coming along?

Pretty well, considering how little time I really have had this week. Pi shawl – I am on round 44 of the 48 round section, which if you have done it, you know means I am close to my last increase, and that progress seems slower when you have a million stitches in a round. But I think I will finish it this week. Very funny thing happened at lunch today – I was sitting with this giant fluffy pile of knitting on my lap, and my boss came in to beg food. He is a sweet guy, always shows an interest in everyone, so he asked the woman who was sitting crocheting what she was making. Baby blanket. That’s cute” he said, which had us cracking up, because he just isn’t the cute baby blanket type. Then he asked me. Straight faced I responded “I am making you a hat” and held up the shawl, which hangs at least two feet from the needles. We all burst out laughing, and he left without remembering to ask us if we had any food to share. 🙂

Blue sparkly scarf is coming along, I think I am just shy of halfway done on that. It’s my evening early morning project, and thin yarn on tiny needles, so it doesn’t show progress easily. Plus, I have to pull the yarn through ALL the beads. But I think I will like it, it is going to be pretty.

Gave away a few hats today to a family that came into the office to pick up some coats. When I am done with these projects, I will have to sort out my Christmas knitting, and also knit some hats. Even though I must have thirty done, they will disappear fast. It is finally starting to get colder. I need to get some little girl colors, I had a hard time finding some for the littlest girls. Might have to buy yarn, ho ho ho.

Well, I do have to go to bed, It has been a long week and I am tired. Have to rest up for next week’s onslaught….

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