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Today is a good mix of things, I think. Mom is coming over this afternoon for an overnight. We don’t live horribly far apart (a little over an hour) but it seems like we have not seen each other in a long time. Our monthly knitting gatherings with my sister have not happened in a long time. So, I asked her if she would, and she said yes and we picked a Friday, and it is finally here!

She is just getting over a nasty cold (but wants to come anyway) so we will sit and knit and visit this afternoon, and then tomorrow we will head up to Bangor to Bangor City Forest for a walk (unless it is pouring) and maybe some shopping and lunch, we haven’t decided on that yet. She wants to be heading home in time for supper Saturday, which works out well, I think, so A feels like she gets some of her weekend in a normal way.

It has been a crazy week with moving out for a few days, and I have SO MUCH work to do at work, it scares me that I might not meet all my deadlines. So I will probably work on Sunday. Bleh.

But back to Friday list –

A trip to town for the post office and groceries is in order.
Have to clean the guest bathroom up so it is appealing!

Need flowers for Mom’s room – thankfully, we haven’t had a frost so I have lots of cosmos to choose from, as well as a few other random wild flowers around.

Clear off the dining room table. Embarrassing to admit, but if we are going to actually sit and eat there, we should be able to see the top, right?

Rearrange the furniture so that it is not so TV-centric for a few days. 🙂

Find the recipe I saw in Better Homes and Gardens magazine recently for pork chops with maple syrup and apples… Mmm. Mom is trying a new eating regime – no grain! but she said she can eat this. A won’t eat pork chops, so I am glad to have someone to cook it for.

I already changed out the lightbulbs in the fixture over the table – I got a couple of LED bulbs at Lowe’s last time we went – on sale – and they are dimmable, which I LOVE. I should have gotten three of course, as I didn’t know how I would like them, or that they would be heavier than regular bulbs. So the light lists a bit, but next time I go there, I will get several more (hoping they are still on sale) because I LOVE them! They are so much brighter than what was there, and they dim nicely when we don’t want bright. Like them much better than CF bulbs, and as much as incandescents. So I will work at swapping them all out going forward. Slowly, as bulbs burn out and need replacing. I love that they use almost no electricity, and last 20 years. Our CFs that we put in when we moved here 5 years ago are starting to burn out, so the new technology timing is perfect. Now if I find they make them for the lights in the ceiling fans, I will climb that 12 foot step-ladder to replace those dim things gladly.

That’s it – off to do some chores so we can sit and knit all afternoon!


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  1. Hope you have a lovely time with your Mom. My Mum and I have just been to Clarks Village, which is an outlet shopping centre. She wanted boots, which she got. I needed nothing, but bought boots anyway! Big clumpy ones in nubuck that look like workboots but will look great with leggings & a tunic. We both got backpacks with wheels & handle for our trip to Australia and I bought D a couple of jumpers, one of which I’m saving for Christmas. 😄

    • That sounds like a fun, productive day! Mom and I did have fun, we checked out the LYS I never knew existed – it was OK, not great, but will do in a pinch. I managed to get some lace weight yarn for another estonian lace scarf. 🙂 Not much Christmas shopping done yet, I am impressed that you are so organized!

      • I’m actually a bit OCD about Christmas. Well most things really… I do a lot of volunteering in the run up to Christmas (the Poppy appeal a bit, but mostly at the charity Christmas card shop in the church D and I got married in) and I like to enjoy that, so I tend to have the present buying sorted by now, it also spreads the cost across the autumn 😉 I just read that back. How sad do I sound?!

        • lol not sad! I usually have it started by now, especially the home made stuff. But right now I have an idea for one niece and one small gift for Mom. Also, 2 ideas for A. But that is not good, and I need to get a hustle on.

  2. Hope you have a nice weekend and get on well with your work so you don’t feel so stressed.

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