Bring your cat to work day

No, it isn’t; a real day, but it should be! And it should be today. 🙂

We are having our basement insulated with spray foam insulation, and we have to vacate while they do it, and for 24 hours after they finish. Not so bad, right? Except… cats have to also vacate. So, A took Allie and Zumba off to her sister L’s apartment last night. Tigger and I stayed home, and Tigger came to work with me today. We figured that would give Allie a chance to settle in before we arrive at L’s tonight. Should be interesting. 🙂

Tigger hates driving now almost as much as she did when I got her back in June. She should love the 40 minute ride to L’s tonight. And back again tomorrow morning.

But in the meantime, she is being a very good cat – she is hiding under a chair, the blanket from home that is under my desk is just not right. And she greets the people who dare to come through the closed door (complete with “CAT!” sign) but she really wants to leave. Every time I get up to run out for a second, she tries to go with me. I took her once, but she was terrified. She hasn’t eaten anything, nor had a drink, nor used the cat box. But I figure she knows where everything is (my office isn’t THAT big!) and she will use them when she needs to.

She will be glad to get home tomorrow, I can tell.

A says Allie had a wonderful night, carousing, checking things out, cuddling as she has not done since Tigger came. I am sure she thinks they have made a run for it to get away from me and Tigger. lol wait until we show up tonight. 🙂


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