Friday list

Not a very exciting list –

early appointment to get my stitches out (results are in – one benign, one precancerous. Appointment with a dermatologist next month to look at everything else)

stop by Agway to see if they have any composted manure and chopped straw mulch to put on the asparagus for the winter.

Stop by the pellet stove place to schedule the annual service call.

Finish Halloween cards and pack up the college kids packages
PO to mail them.

Then, sadly work. Lots and lots of grant and report deadlines this month, not sure how I will get through it all, but it means working some on this long holiday weekend. Maybe lots. 😦

8 thoughts on “Friday list”

    1. thanks, as you will see by my post I just did, I am doing just that. But I have about 8 deadlines in the next ten days, so I really do need to go do some work. πŸ˜‰

    1. Absolutely! Of course, those particular “pre” are gone, but I think I have more of the same on my back. So I should go get some broccoli or something.

      I wore a hat outside on the deck today while i was doing a little painting. I hate it, but I feel so virtuous. Wish I could go back 40 years and wear more hats.

        1. well, had I been more carefl all those years ago, I would not be havingthese spots now. But I do wear hats outside all the time now – and don;t worry too much what people think. Just heard a quote today from Eleanor Roosevelt – something to the effect that we should stop worrying abotu what others think of us, because they don’t think of us as often as all that. πŸ™‚ I loved it.

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