New Kid

I realize I haven’t told you much about Tigger since she came to live with us. She is all settled in, seems to have adjusted beautifully to being an inside cat. She and Zumba play well together, Allie doesn’t tolerate her at all, and is seriously intimidated by her. It is almost funny the way Tigger, at 7 pounds can torture Allie, at 14 pounds, by sitting and washing her face while Allie struggles with how to get past her. It gets noisy though, and Allie really is nervous, so I try not to laugh.

But now that the weather is getting colder, Tigger is having all new experiences. She is fascinated by the pellet stove. All summer she has played around it, sat on it, ignored it. Now when we turn it on, she runs and plants herself in front of it, staring. It is like TV for cats. Right now she is rolling on the floor in front of it and clearly enjoying the warmth of the fire. She is one happy cat. Wait until we turn on the radiant heat and she discovers warm floors!


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