What do you mean, it is Sunday?

I never posted Friday list! You are all probably crazy with anxiety, wondering what I did.

Sorry about that, but it was a pretty simple list, as I wasn’t feeling well. Went to work Thursday morning, by the time I got to work, I knew that was a mistake, so I turned around and came home again. So Thursday – sleep on couch, wake up knit a row or two, sleep a few hours.

Friday the list was more like:
put in a load of laundry
scoop the cat box
watch an NCIS rerun
knit a few rows

You get the point. So I completely forgot to write it down for you.


All that sleep seemed to work – I never got A’s awful cold, what I ever I did get obviously laid me low for a few days, but I feel much better now. Not fully energized, but better.

Yesterday, A’s two sisters came over to help with the never-ending insulation job in the basement. We have decided to go with spray foam insulation on the walls, but that means A has to remove everything from the walls, all her racks and hangers, etc. And it means that she had to make a decision about how to insulate the ceiling with the radiant heat pipes, and do it before they spray, which they will be doing in a couple of weeks. So we ripped out the disgusting pink stuff, and are using this silver stuff, much thinner, cleaner, and hopefully it will work. Sisters climbed around and insulated all along the edges, while A took down her racks. Next up – framing the walls.

Meanwhile, I puttered and got lots of little things done. I got one of my rotten raised beds completely planted with spring bulbs – tulips, daffies and muscari. I hope the creatures leave them alone so I can have cheerful spring flowers next year. That is the last raised bed made from “junk” wood. As those have rotted, I have just planted them with wildflowers or grass to see what will happen. So our yard looks like a strange patchwork.

I also planted a few sticks of wygelia that I had rooting on the window sill all summer, we will see if they make it or not. And I finally got around to planting a grocery store hydrangea I got for our wedding last spring. I hope that is happy,as it really was pretty.

I also began the job of priming and painting our new screen/storm doors that we got a few weeks ago, as we are having a dry weekend. The instructions said one more coat of primer and two coats of outdoor paint. Sigh. Can only do one side at a time, of course, and so that means 6 times I have to get everything ready and paint and then stop and put it all away again. I can see that this will become tedious. I finished priming one door so far. Lots of rests in between, of course.

Today – more painting, knitting, and sleeping, I think. As well as a few loads of laundry – where does it come from?

Oh, other news – a couple of weeks ago, we started biggest loser again at A’s job. First week, she lost SEVEN pounds, and didn’t win for the week! (Sometimes, competing with men stinks!) I gained a pound and a half. This week, I lost 2.5 and won for the week! Being sick sure helped with that. But she isn’t pleased. We also keep track just between us, with the weekly prize $10 per week, to go to or own stash. So I am building up my yarn stash money again. It was pretty low, so this is a good thing. Not my stash, you understand, but my yarn money. 🙂

Knitting has slowed down a bit, what with all the sleeping, but I did finish a KoolAid hat, and am working on a scarf for myself. It is some lace weight silk/alpaca blend I got a couple of years ago from PineStar Studio. I am making a “Multi Directional Diagonal Scarf” (Pattern by Karen Baumer, 2003. I haven’t tried searching for it online, but if anyone wants it, I will be glad to search and or share.) It is the same pattern and yarn I used for the purple scarf I made Crimson Crow for a pay it forward giveaway, but I have added seed beads to highlight the directional changes. I’ll get a photo of it soon. For some reason, the direction changes seem to be a little more wobbly this time, I suppose it could be the beads, but I think blocking will fix it. I also changed the pattern slightly to add button holes at one end, and some tiny sparkling buttons are planned for the other end, so I can wear it different ways. (edited – Found the pattern on Ravelry at http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/multidirectional-diagonal-scarf)

It’s a pain to move the yarn through all the beads, but I do like how it is looking.


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