Small world!

So. Friday I was at the doctor. She was injecting my back with Novocaine, and chatting with me to distract me from the hideous burning sensation.

We were chatting about our summers. She mentioned that she went to CT to visit family. I, of course, perked up at that, and said “Where in CT?” She replied “Milford” and I told her I went to high school there. Turns out she did, too. Turns out we went to the same high school. Turns out we were only a year apart, so were there together. I didn’t go there the whole 4 years, but we went to school together for a year and a half. Neither of us remember the other one at all. That is pretty strange since it is a small school – only about 400 girls then. But we both remember the same teachers, of course.

I have been going to this doctor for probably ten years now, and we never had a suspicion that we had this connection nearly 40 years ago.

Pretty funny, and when I unpack those boxes of books and come across my yearbook, I will take it in to her. That may be in other 40 years, of course…

PS she only took off two of the three spots, and is sending me to a dermatologist to check everything out. She thinks there are more to worry about. But the two she got are at the lab now, and I’ll have results in ten days or so. More stitches to fuss with and labs to worry about. I have a feeling this is my new normal.


14 thoughts on “Small world!”

      1. waiting’s tough. Just try to pretend you already got the results and they’re fine…that way, if they do come in fine you won’t have wasted 2 weeks worrying. And if they come in not fine, at least then you can actually do something about it. (I know, easier said then done)

  1. Wow to the small world stuff! Here’s mine. 20 years ago I worked with this guy. Lost touch maybe 15 years ago. Meet my husband 10 years ago living in a completely different part of the country. Turns out they were brothers in law (married to sisters) while I was working with the guy! Sorry to hear about the spots. D has had two skin cancer spots taken off his face and another lump that was benign so we’ve been through that too. Sending you a hug. X

    1. I know, I know. I told her to take them last summer when she first began “observing” them, ie measuring them at every visit. But I guess they had to prove themselves evil enough.

      thanks for the “light at the end of the tunnel” message, though, I am glad to know it ends.

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