Rant, political in nature

I just want to say that I am paying attention, and taking names, and taking a vow.  I will NEVER vote for any ticket that is made up of any republican currently in the US House of Representatives. Ever. What they have done is criminal. This is a huge impact on so many people (but they apparently think not on them) that will go on far into the future.  If they won’t take responsibility for their actions, then I will help them.

On the plus side:  I thought our president was eloquent on the radio last night – It is irresponsible of Congress to not pay the bills it has incurred, and Affordable Health Care is a different issue, which has been voted on what?  43 times?  Reviewed by the US Supreme Court? Get over it. Even McCain said that.

Also on the plus side:  My state is represented by people who seem to be able to see the forest and the trees on this issue. I liked what  Senator Collins (R) had to say about the shut down (prior to) and I don’t even have to check the voting records to know how our representatives voted.

But I am really steamed at more than 200 people from other states right now.  Wish I could vote in all of their next elections.


23 thoughts on “Rant, political in nature”

  1. My Hubby is one of the 800,000+ Federal employees and will be furloughed if these politicians don’t get their act together in the next few days (his Dept has enough money to run for a few more days, we’ve been told).

    It’s a little unnerving since we’re a one income family with another baby due to arrive any day now. I’m hoping all the petty, childishness stops and everyone comes to some sort of an agreement right away!

    1. Oh, my god, I hope so too, for your sake, and so many others. My email box was full this morning, notices from local federal employees on what to do as they won’t be in the office today.
      It is a shame that the people we elect to represent us are letting themselves be held hostage by a small number. But as they are, I am mad at all of them, not just those taking hostages.

      Meanwhile, if there is anything I cn do to help you, just ask. We may be spread apart in the world, but these blogs do create a community.

  2. I agree with you. It’s sad they voted to keep their salaries going. I hope they resolve the situation soon and if not make the furlough pay retroactive atleast. @Sara Craft All will be well for your husband and family.

  3. I don’t know how we would set it up but, I am beginning to think that we don’t need a government. Of course “they” say that if we don’t have a governing body that the people won’t know how to act and everything will be chaos. “They” want us to believe that we need them. They want more control of us than they want to help us. If anyone took the time to look into the past and see all the programs and services they have cut and, even, eliminated all in the name of giving us a better government you would find it hard to believe. I don’t know if we even need our state governments or if we could do with just city governments. I am going to stop now before this becomes a dissertation.

  4. It’s way past time to vote the crazies out of office. Unfortunately, I think this particular shutdown gets worse before it gets better. This is the warm-up to default on the US credit—debt ceiling. I think they have every intention of destroying the economy of the country. Since they are myopic, they don’t even recognize the rest of the world. Slash and burn to the ground has openly been their philosophy. This is the South rising again.

    1. I am so sick of the power struggle. I read a comment on a blog today that hter eis a faction of the Republican party that hates Obama so much that they will kill the government if they think it will scratch him. They should not have the power to do that. They also should step back and take a look at the man – when was the last time we had a president who could clearly lay out his plan, his thoughts, ideas, say all the big words right and look great doing it? Even if you disagree with him, do it civilly, as he is doing it with you. Jeesh, this is like a bar room brawl.

      1. Well, we do rather idolise Mr Obama over here. Even our Conservatives (what we think of as right wing I suspect would be very centre ground in US politics!) I do politics for my day job. I’m a Liberal Democrat – we’re pretty centre ground but would be considered dangerously liberal by Republicans! For example our party leader admits to being an atheist…. My boss is actually a Minister in the UK coalition government, so I’m pretty immersed in it. I don’t know your equivalent rank? Plenty of people disagree with things the government does but there seems something truly terrible about people who will play with other people’s lives and wages to make a point. Here there have been benefit changes that are very controversial. But it wasn’t done to score points, but was a decision made by government & voted on by parliament. As an outsider reading some of the stuff that is said is quite worrying.

        1. I am pretty centrist, on the liberal side, and a coworker told me yesterday that I sounded like Nancy Pelosi (NOT a compliment from him!) which made me laugh. Things get pretty heated now, with the blame game going on. But if nothing else people’s livelihood is on the line here. They have to sort this out and do it fast.

          I have read a bit about some of your benefit changes – it sounds like they hit some people hard. Lean times really make us see what our values are, and it isn’t always pretty, is it?

          1. It sure isn’t. Actually the most controversial benefit change is actually finishing a job the previous government started. The ‘bedroom tax’ – about 6 years ago the Lab govt decided that people living in privately rented property and claiming housing benefit would only get housing benefit to cover the number of bedrooms they needed not the number they had. No outcry. This govt made the same rule for people living in social housing and there’s been a massive row! There have been some bits handled badly (around people who can’t move or disabled people). Hey ho. I’m going to do some knitting.

          2. Interesting, setting it by bedroom. No one here has brought that up, I don’t think. Happy knitting. πŸ™‚ I should go do some “real” work….

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